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Key Features

  • Strayt Clear Aligners OR
  • Strayt Night Aligners™
  • Orthodontist directed treatment
  • Premium 3-in-1 whitening system
  • StraytVIBES™ light and vibration therapy device
  • Personal aligner case
  • First set of retainers
  • Free shipping


Strayt offers a variety of payment plans, with monthly installments or one-time payment, based on customers’ preferences and needs

Things To Note

Strayt Night Aligners

For those not in a hurry, Strayt Night Aligners is the scenic route to straight teeth. This option is not much different than wearing a retainer. You’ll wear your aligners continuously for a minimum of 10 hours each night. For most people, that means putting them in after dinner and leaving them in until breakfast the next morning. Your aligners never have to leave your house! That’s next level convenience.  If you select this path, your treatment duration will be double what it would be with the all-day wear aligners.

In A Nutshell

Clear aligners are the perfect orthodontic solution for many people. But if your teeth require complex or extreme movements, traditional braces may still be your best option. We can help you determine which path is right for you. There’s no risk when you book a scan appointment because the scan is free! Take the assessment to get started.

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