Ensight Merchant Services Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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  • Secured Environment
  • EMV Reader
  • Mobile Payments

Key Features

  • Processes all major Credit Cards
  • Multi Language support
  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Easy Sync for QuickBooks
  • Mobile application
  • Retail swipe capabilities
  • Professionally designed or customizable cards
  • Real-time online reporting
  • Cross-location reporting and reconciliation
  • Targeted marketing programs
  • Automatic Daily Sales Transfer
  • Sales by Category


Ensight does not advertise their processing fees online but their partnership with First Data Global Gateway and Authorize.net makes it clear that they promote tiered pricing instead of interchange plus pricing.  Ensight Merchant Services advertise rates from as low as 0.05% without any other explanation.  To get all the prices on processing fees you would need to get a quote directly from their website. There are no lengthy contract and you can cancel at any time without having to pay any fees.

Hardware that is available through their website can be purchased directly. This includes payment terminals from Verifone at around $75 and FD products from $175. For those who wish to purchase a POS system, Ensight offers the Clover Mini from $299, the Clover Mobile at $475 and the Clover POS Work Station for $999. Ensight uses independent resellers and their contract terms vary based on the agent serving the account and the type and size of the business. When you sign up with Ensight you will receive a free EMV capable terminal which is valued at $400.

Things To Note

First and foremost, Ensight Merchant Services offer customized retail merchant accounts that offer your business flexible payment methods with all types of credit or debit cards, including American Express and Discover which need separate approval. Their customized wireless merchant accounts cover all types of retail and restaurant businesses including online e-Commerce sites and even petrol stations. Ensight offers merchant accounts that are quick and safe to use with an efficient checkout process. They offer multi language support, PayPal integration and automated recurring billing. They are partnered with Authorize.Net and First Data for all their payment processing and to find out what their rates are you will have to contact them directly for a quote.

In A Nutshell

Ensight offers retail payment processing to fit your business needs. They are said to offer one of the best credit card terminals and software on the market and promise to help you save money with their low processing rates and free terminal. Their software integrates effectively with the Clover POS system for efficient management of your business. Online payment solutions for all types of e-Commerce businesses are covered with their tailor-made online credit card processing solutions. All their software is scalable and designed to grow with your business. All online payments are processed through a secure portal that offers multiple payment gateway options.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Ensight Merchant Services

Ensight Merchant Services offers customizable and effective wireless payment processing that is also said to be cost effective. Their merchant accounts can be tailored to fit in with your type of business and you will have the capability of adding new features as your business grows. Ensight is capable of hosting multiple merchant accounts as needed and they also offer AVS and CVV2 support. Their wireless merchant account allows you to accept payment via credit cards from anywhere at any time. This is the best way to convert a sale from anywhere. Another plus is that you can access transaction data whenever you please.

Ensight Merchant Services cover retail and the food industry and their software integrate with the Clover POS system for a full management solution. You can even sync with accounting packages like QuickBooks, Clover POS, Aloha or Micros. All the devices offered by Ensight offer security with PCI compliance. You can also rest assured that they will guide you through setting up a business that requires mail orders or telephone merchant accounts. They offer a wide variety of POS solutions to choose from both for processing online through a payment gateway or a stand-alone terminal. Their customer service employees are on hand to support you and make sure that your equipment works properly.

Unusually, Ensight Merchant Services offer a full range of payment methods to petrol stations. They can customize your software to encompass all the different sections of your petrol station and offer payment processing with all major credit and debit cards including fuel cards such as Voyager. The promise they give is that they customize their payment processing solutions to fit in with any petroleum merchant account. Ensight maintains that they can offer these merchants the lowest rates in the industry.

On offer is the gift card and store value program which is used to attract returning customers. Ensight offers a comprehensive gift and loyalty program which is meant to endorse your brand and attract new customers. They offer many features with their merchant account and they promote the use of all of them through their customer service team. They have also created a resource center that has thousands of tips and advice in all aspects of payment processing.

Ensight also makes it easy to electronically process checks at your point of sale. This is done through TeleChecks which offers a customizable electronic check acceptance program. You will be able to accept check payments online, via mobile device or over the phone. With Ensight you can also streamline your bank reconciliation process by adding check transactions to the same file. The state of the art verification process analyzes data and prevents fraud. View reports at any time of the month so that you can monitor your account activity online in real time.

Best Ensight Features

  • Processes all major Credit Cards – all major cards including Discover and AMEX
  • Multi-Language support 24/7 support in the language of your choice
  • Automated Recurring Billing – set up recurring accounts
  • Easy Sync for QuickBooks – integration with accounting packages
  • Mobile application – wireless transactions through mobile tablet or phone
  • Retail swipe capabilities – in house swipe terminals
  • Professionally designed or customizable cards – loyalty cards for customers
  • Real-time online reporting – instant online reports
  • Cross-location reporting and reconciliation – supports multiple locations
  • Targeted marketing programs – marketing through social media and more
  • Automatic Daily Sales Transfer – Get paid daily
  • Sales by Category – sort your inventory by categories and items
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