Flagship Merchant Services Review, Features & Pricing [2022]

Flagship Merchant Services is a well-established leader in credit card processing solutions. Servicing over 25,000 small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers, Flagship was rated the #1 Merchant Account Provider by Top 10 Reviews for 8 years and they are consistently recognized as a leading provider of merchant account solutions. Flagship offers tiered pricing options and a very low monthly fee; making it an attractive option and well worth the time and consideration.

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  • Terminals
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Key Features

  • Trusted provider for over 25,000 SMB customers
  • Rated #1 Merchant Account Provider for 8 Years
  • Free EMV Terminal and Clover Options.
  • Payment solutions for any business type
  • Clover™ Point-of-sale (POS)
    • Terminals
    • Online/gateway
    •  Mobile
    • Virtual Terminal.
  • Customizable pricing options.
  • Same day approvals (terms and restrictions apply)
  • Superior, in-house customer service and technical support
  • Free business analytics; online support tools


Flagship works with each individual prospective customer to assess their specific needs, and then they match the processing solution (point-of-sale, mobile, payment gateway, etc.) with customized pricing. Flagship believe that a full understanding of your business will give you the best rate structure they are able to offer.

Flagship offers a tiered and interchange plus rate with multiple pricing options that are aimed at helping new and existing businesses. Their tiered rates start at 0.38% + $0.19 per transaction for debit cards and 1.58% for credit cards. This is a very competitive rate when compared to other card processing companies. They offer an interchange plus rate that has a markup of .15%, which is among the industry leaders for pricing. These are basic rates that Flagship charges, but as mentioned, they prefer to provide customized quotes. There is a set monthly fee of $4.95 and there is a monthly PCI option assessed monthly at $9.95.

Flagship also offers a wide variety of promotional offers for leading POS systems and EMV compliant terminals.

Things To Note

The only complaint you might find about Flagship Merchant Services is that their price structure is not transparent and not openly advertised on their website. Their rational for this is that they offer a wide variety of payment processing solutions, ranging from Clover to mobile to payment gateways to traditional terminals. That, coupled with the specifics inherent to each individual business, leads them to a more consultative and personalized approach. We like this about their offering.

Flagship is also known for their reliability and security when it comes to payment processing. The have a strong customer base and multiple pricing options with well rated, in-house customer service and technical support. Please note that it is always advisable to read through your entire merchant agreement before you sign it, so that there aren’t any surprises down the road.

In A Nutshell

Flagship Merchant Services provides payment solutions to all types of business, big or small. They are a leading reseller of Clover, but that also offer traditional, EMV compliant terminals, mobile options, e-commerce/shopping card options and MOTO. Flagship has a large base of satisfied customers and they offer tailored rates for all types of businesses with different pricing options. They are an excellent credit card processing service that comes highly recommended due in part to their established customer service ratings. They have partnered with industry leaders to offer one of the best credit card fraud and loss prevention departments in the industry.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Flagship Merchant Services :

Flagship Merchant Services is highly rated by their customers due to their easy setup, which is done quickly and easily. They do not require a lengthy contract, unless you take them up on their offer for free equipment, in which case you would have to sign a contract for 12 months. Their month to month service plan is reasonably priced and, if you require information on their rates per transaction, you will get all the information you need by contacting customer support or accessing your account online through their proprietary customer engagement portal, iAccess. The application process is secure, online and fast. Typically, you are approved and set-up in less than 24 hours (some restrictions may apply). Money paid by your customers through their processing services will be deposited into your account in 2 business days which is well within the industry average.

Before signing up with any merchant service provider, find out exactly what rates you qualify for and any other fees that you might be liable for as part of the Agreement. We always recommend that you read the entire Agreement before you sign.

One of the new innovations that Flagship offers is the Clover platform. If you have a retail location, quick-serve restaurant, or a service based business, it’s something that you may want to learn more about.

Flagships Clover Platform

With Clover, you have your choice of hardware and software too. At the top of the line, there’s Clover Station; a full-featured point-of-sale system that’s pre-loaded with Clover’s Register POS software that allows you to manage inventory, track orders, look at item level profitability and a lot more. Fully secure and PCI compliant, one of Clover’s coolest features is the Clover App store, which allows you to pick the Apps that you need to help build or grow your business. Free and paid Apps; there’s more than 200 to choose from ranging from payroll to online ordering to appointment setting and just about everything in between. It’s like a smartphone for your business.

For businesses not necessarily ready for Clover Station, there are other options available including Clover Mini, the all in one solution that features an integrated thermal receipt printer, WIFI/4G LTE connectivity, 7” touch screen display, barcode scanner/camera, and the ability to accept any payment type: swipe, EMV and contactless.

Mobile Solutions from Flagship

If you’re looking for a more mobile solution, there’s both Clover Flex (handheld) and Clover Mobile. With any of the non-Station options, you choose the software that you need (and you can switch at any time). There’s a free basic payment acceptance solution or you can select from either of the paid solutions: Register Lite (inventory management, limited access to Clover App Market, item level taxes and more) or Register (complete business management solution with enhanced inventory and order management and full access to the Clover App Market).

For businesses not looking for a POS system, Flagship has NMI or Authorize.net as payment gateway. Offering all the features and functionality of some of its pricier competitors including invoicing, hosted payments page, and more.

Flagship also offers several industry leading EMV compliant payment terminals as well as mobile acceptance and MOTO. In the end, their objective is to match you with the right solution for your business and get you set up as quickly and easily as possible.

They also have a wide variety of promotional offers (terms and conditions apply) for free hardware placements, discounted Clover Station, and more. If you prefer to buy or lease, they’ve got you covered there as well. And, they make sure that you have the tools you need to get activated and begin using your service quickly and without disruption to your business.

Flagship Merchant Services Best Features

Flagship’s Value Added Services and Offerings

Flagship understands that many businesses today need and are looking for other services and solutions to help them manage their business. In addition to the Clover platform, Flagship also offers a robust merchant cash advance program, gift cards, loyalty programs and much more.

Business Management Portal

As a Flagship customer, you have 24/7/365 access to one of the leading online business management tools available in the industry today, iAccess. Daily and monthly processing activity, chargebacks, self-help tools, how-to videos, articles on topics SMBs need to know about, and much more.

Clover Platform

Flagship offers the Clover platform for businesses looking for a full-featured or light point-of-sale (POS) solution. What’s unique about Clover is that its flexible and scalable for your business. You choose the hardware that works for you. You select the software platform that matches your needs. And, you choose from over 200 free and paid Apps that will help you manage and grow your business. But, even with all the choice, Flagship doesn’t leave you hanging. Their experienced account representatives will help you identify the Apps that will help you and their activations specialists will literally walk you through the process to get started.

Secure Options

Regardless of which payment acceptation option you select, you will have the confidence that your solution is secure and protecting not only your data, but your customers’ data as well. Additionally, all of Flagship’s solutions are EMV and PCI compliance.

Cash Discounting

Some processors make you wait days to get your money in your bank account? With Flagship’s Cash Discounting Program, you can get your money within hours, every day, even on weekends and holidays.

Flagship’s Consultative Approach

While some may initially be frustrated that they cannot get their specific rates online, we’ve found Flagship’s process to be refreshing and personalized and, in the long run, beneficial to their customers.

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