Global Payment Source Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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Key Features

  • 100% free payment processing
  • Discounted hardware
  • Discount for cash transactions
  • Easy installation
  • Plug in and go
  • Mobile payment options


Global Payment Source offers 100% no charges on credit card processing. Costs that are usually involved with credit card processing are bypassed by offering your customers the option to pay cash without fees or pay by credit card were they are charged 4% on the transaction amount. This is how Global Payment Source can boast that they offer free services. The problem here is that in today’s world most people don’t pay cash, they use cards and your customers might object if they are the ones that have to absorb these charges. Global Payment Source charges a flat rate of 4% which you are automatically added to your customer’s bill when they pay by card. Hardware offered for sale on the Global Payment Source website can be purchased at discount prices.

Things To Note

If your type of business is mostly credit card driven, then you would have to consider going through a traditional payment processing company, or adding 4% to your customer’s bill and offering them a discount if they pay cash or by check. This will definitely reduce your overheads but your customers will be absorbing this fee. Global Payment Source is a proven solution that will allow you to promote cash sales and the whole system is set up so that you can implement this solution and drive cash or check sales. There are many costs involved when accepting credit or debit cards, using Global Payment Source is the solution to avoiding these charges. The 4% charge that they charge you as a merchant is added to your customer’s bill, unless they pay by cash or check, in which case you and your customer will not pay a cent in charges.

In A Nutshell

Global Payment Source is a leading provider of high technology credit card processing services that is geared for all types of businesses big or small. They offer credit card and Mobile payment options which include Apple Pay and Google Wallet with solutions that are cost effective and help you save on processing charges. Their services are offered through their authorized representatives who will advise you on how to reduce costs on card charges and maintain a reasonable profit margin. New rules and regulations in this industry allows Global Payment Source to offer no processing fee solutions.

Let’s Dive Deeper

It is relatively easy to apply for the Global Payment Source payment solutions online. Once you have filled out all your details and the Terminal Sale ACH Debit Authorization Form the company will do the underwriting and credit check and you are ready to go. Approval and deployment usually takes up to 3 days after full submission. Once approved the Terminal they provide is programmed and shipped to you for installation. All you will have to do is plug it in and test. When your customers checkout and use a debit or credit card for their purchases, they will automatically have 4% added to their bill. This fee covers all of the costs associated with using the Global Payment Source services. You can offer your customer this amount as a discount if they pay cash or by check. So in actual fact you will be transferring the cost of using cards for payment to your customers.

Thousands of merchants have chosen to join Global Payment Source so that they can save the card processing fees. Apart from the obvious benefit of saving a significant amount of money, this system also offers less complicated accounting as there is only one fee to take into consideration, 4% of each transaction unless paid cash.  The practice of charging the customer for the privilege of using a card to make payments, is not uncommon and in many cases this is easily implemented. For customers who object, they can simply pay cash or by check to avoid this charge.

Global Payment Source also sells hardware like the Clover Go for mobile processing, the Clover Station POS system, the Clover Flex, the Clover Mini, the CT250 Ingenico payment terminal, the Poynt Smart Terminal and more at discounted prices through their website. Global Payment Source is so confident in their services that they offer a guarantee that if at any point you decide that their service is not right for your business, they will match whatever deal you find with any other credit card processing company and switch you back to the traditional credit card processing platform.

  • Global Payment Source Best Features
  • 100% free payment processing – defer charges to your customers and save
  • Discounted hardware – buy Clover and other POS and terminals online
  • Discount for cash transactions – give your customers a discount for paying cash
  • Easy installation – 3 days for approval
  • Plug in and go – preprogrammed terminal is easy to use
  • Mobile payment options – can be applied to all mobile devices
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