Maverick Bankcard Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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  • eCommerce
  • 99.99% uptime
  • High Risk
  • Mobile Payments
  • Full Scalability

Key Features

  • ACH/eCheck processing
  • Simple online application
  • POS credit processing system
  • Proprietary business analytics
  • Online chargeback management & real-time alerts
  • Recurring payment capabilities & E-Commerce capability
  • Instant access to reports
  • Latest in financial technology
  • Integrated with accounting packages
  • Superior customer support
  • Customizable pricing
  • High risk merchants


Maverick BankCard do not advertise any pricing online as they offer customized pricing depending on the type of business you have and the volume of transaction you process. They also deal with high risk merchant accounts in many different types of businesses and their contracts will vary. They do charge an early termination fee but they do offer offer month-to-month contracts. Maverick Bankcard offers custom pricing for each client whether they are new or already using another payment processor. They also provide a complimentary side-by-side savings comparison so merchants can know where their savings are.

Things To Note

Maverick’s payment processing services come with detailed reporting for merchants to be able to keep track of transactions with easy reconciliation. Authorization and full batch reporting together with statements are effortlessly monitored through their dashboard. They have a great online chargeback management tool to seamlessly fight chargebacks along with real time notifications.

These reports will offer merchants a clear picture of how transactions are processed. They have over three hosting providers, triple redundancy with numerous data centers that offer a reliable dashboard that offers a 99.999% uptime. Their payment gateway provides the interface between your website shopping cart and your merchant account, Maverick integrates with over 100 shopping carts, CRM systems and software programs. Easily integrate Maverick payment processing to your point-of-sale system and enjoy their full support.

In A Nutshell

Maverick Gateway provides advanced payment capabilities for small or large businesses. Security in the Maverick environment is PCI Level One, HIPAA compliant, and SOC 2 certified. They offer BIN blocking, velocity checks, AVS and CVV filtering and geographical restrictions for your security. If you need to become PCI compliant, their team will handle this for you as well as offer you an insurance package so that you are covered in all events.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Maverick Gateway offers numerous back office tools to streamline your payment processing. These include tools such as recurring billing and electronic invoicing so that you can speed up your payments. They integrate fully with QuickBooks so you will be able to sync all your payment data and have your account up to date without having to manually update the program. Their gateway also allows extended data for lower interchange qualifications. With Maverick you can easily integrate with hundreds of shopping cards and other 3rd party systems. To link your website to their payment gateway is a simple step when using QuickClick shopping cart solutions that is offered with the Maverick payment processing system. They also have a mobile API which offers merchants full customization and control when accepting payments on mobile devices and software. This includes Apple Pay transaction when using your own iOS mobile applications.

Their powerful tools are suitable for brick & mortar as well as mobile businesses. Stores can use the SwiPe POS application with compatible card readers and for merchants on the go the iProcess application that is made for Apple and Android devices can easily accept all types of cards through your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are. With Maverick you will be able to streamline operations by accepting payments immediately. Apart from using cards, your customers will be able to pay with eChecks or transfer funds directly from their bank accounts. Maverick can provide real time banking verifications through the tools on offer that work with thousands of financial institutions. Through their full service ACH provider, they offer competitive pricing with the best support and unmatched technology.

Bizlitix Analytics Platform

Bizlitix, is Maverick’s analytics platform which gives merchants powerful data and insight about their customers, competitors and own businesses performance to help increase revenue. You can analyze competitor data and stay ahead of the game. Their e-Commerce payment solution offers a multiple payment gateway with added features that will help you fight fraud and chargebacks. For those who want to offer their customers gift cards, Maverick can help you create reusable store valued card that you can use to promote your products with online reporting and tailored solutions. There is also the loyalty and reward card solutions that you can give your customers to accumulate points in exchange for a discount or to purchase products from your store.

The foundation of the Maverick Analytics platform is to allow merchants to view all the data that is produced with each transaction. Revenue trends and customer loyalty can be traced to give you more insight on how to manage your business efficiently. Reputation management is possible through integration with Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. This is vital for E-commerce businesses. Site analytics also offer information as to where your customers come from and age and gender statistics and Competitor analytics will keep tabs on other businesses in your industry.


Most businesses have a point of sale solution and are looking for a payment processor. Maverick can be used with all the best POS systems available with their fully comprehensive payment processing gateway. You can purchase Verifone terminals and Ingenico multiple terminals directly through Maverick. They also integrate with numerous tablet based POS systems and work closely with Springboard and NCR amongst others in this field.

Maverick Best Features

  • POS credit processing system – integrate with over 100 software programs
  • Recurring payment capabilities – Set up for multiple payment capabilities
  • Instant access to reports – transactions and batch history
  • Latest in financial technology – with traditional values
  • Integrated with accounting packages – easy integration to QuickBooks
  • Superior customer support – highly trained support team with 24/7/365 availability
  • Customizable pricing – get a quote online for your type and size of business
  • High risk merchants – Maverick deals with high risk businesses
  • Full financial risk – fraud risks insured
  • E-Commerce capability – easy integration through dashboard
  • Report management – manage reports and statistics
  • Multiple payment forms – cards, eChecks and bank transfers
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