ProMerchant Credit Card Processing Review, Features & Pricing [2023]

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  • Terminals
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Key Features

  • Transparent, low cost rates
  • Month to month agreement
  • No set up fees
  • No lengthy contracts and cancellation fees
  • Reporting tools and analytics
  • Personalized support team
  • Next day funding
  • Processing solutions
  • Clover point of sale system
  • Suitable for retail and restaurants


ProMerchant offer two transparent, low cost pricing models which incorporate the interchange fees charged by major credit card companies. The models allow you to pay a fixed percentage or a flat monthly fee over and above the interchange fees.

Their team of experts will help you decide which model is best suited for your type of business. Either way the fees charged are set and transparent from the beginning. There are no lengthy contracts to sign and you will enter into a month to month agreement. The actual fees are not revealed online and you will get a quote on exactly what this amount is, on request.

Things To Note

ProMerchant offer very transparent and reasonable pricing models that give merchants the flexibility to pick the rate structure that will best support their business type. Their advanced knowledge of payment processing and their transparent pricing will help you run your point of sale efficiently. Their account directors will help you set up the best payment solution for your type of business with the best technology available.

You will be able to accept all major credit cards easily and efficiently through terminals or even through smart phones. ProMerchant offer e-Commerce capabilities and you will be able to charge your customers through your website for any online or telephonic orders. Flexible shopping cart integrations and POS hardware are available if required.

In A Nutshell

ProMerchant offers retail and restaurant owners EMV Chip compliant and NFC ready payment processing which allows transactions to be processed over the customer’s smart phone. Whether you accept your customers’ credit card information over the phone, email, mail, or text, the use of a virtual terminal allows transactions to be processed safely and securely from any computer, phone or tablet that has internet access.

The system also allows you to save your customers information for future orders and automatic billing options. Multiple point of sale solutions from Clover are available through the ProMerchant website.

Let’s Dive Deeper

ProMerchant is first and foremost a payment processing company. Fill out the no-obligation form and their skilled account directors will contact you immediately. Their promise of transparency and consistency with pricing is a major draw as there are no hidden costs and no lengthy contracts. Whether you choose an interchange plus a percentage of your transaction or a flat monthly fee, the result will be, foreseeable expenses that you can work into your profit and loss calculations. 

ProMerchant is so confident in their ability to offer the best pricing available that they are prepared to demonstrate how they compare to existing payment providers. Changing over from your payment provider or establishing a new account is easy with ProMerchant. Typically you can be connected to their services within 2 – 24 hours, depending on the volume of sales and the type of business you have.

Your needs will be met with a tProMerchant are first and foremost a payment processing company. Fill out the no obligation form and their skilled account directors will contact you immediately. Their promise of transparency and consistency with pricing is a major draw as there are no hidden costs and no lengthy contracts.. This will help you forecast business profitability taking these set charges into account. No matter how you accept payments, this being in the store or on the go, you can rest assured that ProMerchant has you covered with cutting edge payment processing technology. Next day funding straight into your bank account is another advantage of using the ProMerchant payment processing system. ProMerchant offer one of the best POS systems that will fully cover the needs of merchants in the retail or hospitality business.

The point of sale system promoted through the ProMerchant website is the Clover Suite which is highly efficient and easy to use the system. ProMerchant is committed to offering you the best prices on hardware and you can rest assured that they do not make a profit on the hardware offered on their website. You will pay the straight cost of the equipment and be connected with their payment processing software which is their main objective.

The POS system will allow merchants to manage product inventory with in-depth analytical reports on sales and much more. Clover offers a wide selection of Apps that can be utilized to keep track of all aspects of your business. Their payment terminals are chip based and EMV compliant allowing you to accept all types of cards. Their near field communication capabilities allow the acceptance of payment via the customer’s smartphone. Clover terminals are set to take swipe payments as well as dip and EMV tap cards. You can collect payment from any debit or credit cards, EMF chip or NFC like Apple Pay. Problems with the internet will not interfere with your ability to make payments. The Clover system has a wireless 3G capability which lets you take payments anywhere at any time.

All Clover products are ready to use straight out of the box, with only a few easy pieces that need to be assembled. The Clover Station is a complete sales platform that comes with a POS system, cash register, bar code scanner, terminal and printer. With the addition of mini units that can provide payment processing anywhere on the premises, the Clover Station provides the ultimate solution to payment processing on demand. The system comes with a 14inch touchscreen display and integrated EMV chip reader. There is a wide choice of hardware that you can choose from to make up the perfect POS system for your business. This can be the Mini version of Clover or the completely mobile Clover Flex for businesses on the go.

ProMerchant Best Features

  • Transparent, low cost rates – no hidden costs
  • Month to month agreement – no lengthy contracts or cancellation fees
  • No set up fees – free and easy set up
  • Reporting tools and analytics – easy to read and understand
  • Personalized support team – from set up and thereafter
  • Next day funding – have your money in your account in a day
  • Processing solutions – acceptance of all types of cards
  • Clover point of sale system – cost price hardware available
  • Suitable for retail and restaurants – suitable payment processing for all types of businesses
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