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Richard Kirkendall founded Namecheap in 2000. The service has now been in business for close to twenty years which is impressive. Obviously, an online domain registration service does not last for so many years if they do not offer impressive services. They serve over three million customers and control seven million domain names.

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Key Features

  • Obtain free domain and migration
  • An impressive 30-day money-back guarantee (few domain companies offer this perk)
  • 50 emails are provided
  • 50 MySQL databases with their value plan
  • Set up three websites with their lowest-priced plan
  • 100 percent uptime guarantee
  • Move your existing website for free
  • 24/7 customer chat support
  • Numerous site-building apps
  • cPanel is offered
  • WordPress and other apps can be used
  • Additional services such as web hosting, email hosting, security, and cloud-based services
  • Excellent security
  • ICANN accreditation
  • Daily backups
  • No contracts


Namecheap offers a variety of plans to fit any budget. Also, they have free migration transfer which is a nice perk. In addition, if you don’t like their service then you can fall back on their 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll see charges as low as $10.98 per year when you purchase a simple .com domain. For a little under $9, you can add ICANN for all new domain name registrations. A .net domain runs $12.98 per year when you first sign up. When you renew, the rates are slightly higher than the initial first-year sign-up fee. Many people might consider the increased rates disappointing but they are not that steep. After the first year, a .com will run $10.98 per year and a .net $14.98 per year.

Prasad on states, “I’m unsure if Namecheap has significantly improved since the time of writing of this article, but most of the cons seem to not have applied to me. The pricing is presently much cheaper than mentioned in this article and the customer service I received in the past year with multiple conversations with their support staff was stellar. I never once needed to reach out to them twice for any one issue. it was always resolved right away. Sure their support staff takes time and you have to be patient, but they seem to get the job done! Not sure about uptime (which may still be a valid con), but in terms of speed, my website seems lightning fast compared to my old (and pricier) host, Godaddy. Gtmetrix scored my website 99 percentile for load time. So basically Namecheap has been cheap, helpful and very efficient!

Another great place to read all about NameCheap is Outwittrade Review Here. 

Things To Note

Most businesses find the free domain migration and domain a definite plus. If your website is set up in another location then they will easily help transfer it. The ease and hassle-free system save time.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is one of the things that sets Namecheap apart from the pack. In almost two decades, the guarantee has remained rock solid and impressive. Not too many businesses can state that.

Almost everyone appreciates the ICANN accreditation which places this perk at the top of the list when it comes to domain services.

The help desk is highly knowledgable and willing to help 24/7.  Whether you are working day or night, you can always reach their customer service.

With their value plan, you will automatically receive up to 50 emails which many consider a huge selling point. Without a doubt, it a great deal.

If you have a small business, then you may want to consider Namecheap’s, “Business Promoter”.  This is an online advertising service that many find beneficial. Namecheap will run Google ads for your business.

On, Skyler Ulrich states, “Hello, I’m Skyler Ulrich And I’m going to talk about NameCheap. Their Domain Provides Free Whois, Which Is very splendid, so you don’t have to pay for it. Then, they have domains that cost pocket change, 48 cents (plus I can feel). It is completely worth the price. They also have cheap hosting. At the end of the day, it’s worth well over what they sell you at the prices. It is easily the cheapest domain host out there.”

In A Nutshell

Namecheap has longevity on its side. The site has survived for close to twenty years by offering affordable, premium services that individuals and businesses truly appreciate and respect.

Whether you have a website or you are building one, you’ll find everything you need with Namecheap. If you are confused about a topic, then do not hesitate to contact their help desk to have all of your questions answered.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Many people might steer away from Namecheap simply based on the name. Sadly, they might think that affordable prices somehow means that the service is inferior. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Namecheap is a high-performance web hosting company that rarely disappoints.

Yes, the initial cost for a year is very cheap, but remember that after one year the price climbs a bit. The increased costs are not staggering, though. Most people and small business owners continue their service with Namecheap because they do get a lot for the money and even with the increase, the service is worthwhile.

Most people appreciate the fact that the domains are easy to transfer. In addition, you get free migration which cannot be overlooked when considering a change.

If you have problems updating your site, you can breath easy because Namecheap offers twice-weekly backups.

Overall, the price points are competitive and even lower than some of the competition. The affordability makes this established service a real leader when it comes to domain names.

With Helpdesk, you will have access to 24/7 customer service. They are skilled and ready to answer your questions.

You’ll receive a 50 MySQL database which is way more than other similar companies offer. Even if this is not a ‘must’ then you can still appreciate the advantage.

Jen Dagen on domcomp states, “I do give it 5 stars, although they are by no means “perfect”: Some hiccups in their system are by far balanced through an excellent real-time chat support: these support agents do know their stuff, they are able to remedy issues right away, not like others where you talk to a brainless idiot in some mud hut in India who can actually do nothing but repeating that “I apologize for YOUR problem, let me try to help you with that Their support is excellent. Pricing is great, although I myself do use my own DNS and transfer each time to the cheapest domain provider. Some of their domains are $0.88, and you really get that price, registering through the web interface, no need to call and is subject to some upsale. General pricing is in the lower tier, great value for the $.”

Namecheap Best Features

  • Affordable pricing that fits just about every budget with some free perks like migration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee that is rock solid
  • 24/7 knowledgable customer chat service
  • ICANN accreditation
  • Receive up to 50 free emails when you sign up for a value plan
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