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Key Features

  • Full set of digital solutions

Hibu offers a comprehensive suite of services that includes website design, social media marketing, digital listings management, paid search, SEO, display advertising, online reviews, etc.

  • Impressive partners

Hibu is partnered with some major digital marketing properties.  Most notably, Hibu is a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner

  • Free Online Performance Report

Hibu offers a free online report that scores your visibility across the internet

  • Immense infrastructure

Hibu gets the assistance of in-house Google certified analysts, designers, copywriters and developers.


Hibu offers variety of website packages, each with customization options to help meet the needs of each business at a budget that works for them. You will be encouraged to call them and discuss your goals and marketing budget. They will then present you with the best solution within that budget.

Additionally, Hibu offers incentives such as “one free month” if you package your website with a traffic solution such as Social Media, Paid Search or Display.  For a stand-alone website, you can get one custom-built for as little as $99. The monthly fee starts around $69 and includes hosting, management, ongoing upgrades, 24/7 support, your own analytics dashboard, even a DIY tool if you want to make your own changes.  Just like the build fee, the monthly fee varies depending on the program you and your website consultant decide on. 

Things To Note

Hibu do offer a comprehensive portfolio of services which no doubt will improve your visibility online and drive potential customers to your website. With so many customers to keep happy it is somehow doubtful that they can fulfill their promise to be with you every step of the way on an individual basis. Their affordable marketing service is aimed at small to medium sized businesses that need this type of help. Whether this is affordable depends on each individual as this can set you back over $500 a month and also get you involved with a six month contract. They do offer a free month, but you sign the contract before you get the free month and in some cases it has been mentioned that it is difficult to release yourself from this contract and you might find that money has been taken out of your account. Read this agreement carefully so that you do not get any unpleasant surprises.

In A Nutshell

The whole point of paying for services from companies like Hibu, is because you are looking for help in reaching your target market online. Hibu promises to listen to each potential client’s needs and goals and provide a tailor made solution for their company. This could be with a new website, search engine optimization tools, digital listings, online displays including videos and social media campaigns. They could offer a few of these services or a combination of all of them. These cutting edge digital marketing tools are aimed at helping small to medium size businesses increase their visibility online and drive potential customers to their website.


It is a fact that Hibu Inc. is one of the leading digital marketing solutions providers in the USA. They can provide a one on one service which is aimed at small to medium size businesses. The idea is for these businesses to partner with one marketing service provider that will give them the full package of services needed to promote their business online. This is an ideal solution for those who do not have the knowledge or the time to promote their business on all the online platforms there are. Below are some of the services Hibu offers

Digital listings management

All digital marketing solutions are aimed at working together. Automated systems are in place to simplify the procedure of ad creation, search optimization, social media campaigns and much more. Digital marketing works best when all media exposure is in sync and designed to work as one. Hibu ensures that the right processes are in place to maximize the promotion of your business. For effective digital marketing, Hibu connects your website with your social media and creates engaging content which will ensure the correct online presence that will eventually drive traffic to your website.

Website development and management

Hibu has a team of experts that can write and design your website. They also offer support for possible updates to your website in the future. Hibu also offer full analytical reports on how your website is performing through their Hibu Client Dashboard. You will also have access to Hibu’s DIY tool at any time, if necessary. Once the website is complete Hibu will ensure that all the correct business information is forwarded to the search engines and directories that are important for your business. Built in SEO is formulated so that your website can easily be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Your website is the most important business tool you will have online, that is why it is important to have it done right. All social media will lead back to your website so it must reflect your brand and clearly show your visitors what services you provide. It is also advisable to have your website and Facebook in sync and in the same style giving yourself a recognizable identity.

Search engine marketing and optimization

To get ahead in the search engine rankings, you must have content that is Search Engine Optimized. Hibu can handle this for you if they design your website. They will create tags and optimize the wording of your content so that your rankings on the search engines will improve substantially. For Off page SEO they will create in bound links with local directories with the creation of articles in key positions.

Online Advertising

Hibu could decide to add some paid search advertising through one of the search engines. This could be done to boost your web presence, but will obviously cost you extra. There is also a choice of online displays and banner advertising. There are many ecommerce directories and platforms that you could use to promote your business as well, Hibu are the experts here and they will advise each of their customers were it is best to advertise for their type of business.

Social media campaign

The best way to build awareness of your website is through social media. This is a proven way of driving traffic to your website and services. Hibu has the social media expertise to help small businesses advertise their services with well placed ads which will reach your target market on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hibu will set you up with a profile on each of these social media platforms and help you keep them active and up to date. They also offer a bi-weekly update which will show you who is interacting with you on these media platforms. If correctly monitored and promoted there is no denying that social media provides the best way to promote your services whether you use articles of interest, video and photo sharing or professionally produced custom videos.

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