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Lightspeed is a cloud based integrated system which is used as point of sales software in restaurants and retail businesses. Designed to run on Mac or any iOS device, Lightspeed software also offers omnichannel retailing which synchronizes online and in store sales, makes inventory management simpler by monitoring stock and generates in depth reports which allow you to run you stores efficiently. Shopify is a different type of POS system that is suitable for retailers who sell online, on social media or any physical address. Shopify POS is an iPad and iPhone based POS service for managing your retail business on a unified platform. Both are cloud based and offer mobile services. Lightspeed has a comprehensive inventory system for both in store and online. They offer built in employee and management tools, integrations and a selection of POS hardware. Shopify offers hundreds of professional templates with a secure shopping cart and customer orientated promotions and coupons. Shopify also offers inventory tools that can be categorized and daily backups in a secure data center. Prices vary, depending on the size of your business.

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Lightspeed POS reviews from Comparisun offer an in-depth evaluation of all the features offered by this inclusive software. From the Lightspeed POS solutions to the additional features and advantages available by Lightspeed POS restaurant solutions, this review will give you all of the details you need to help choose a POS for your business. Lightspeed is principally designed to work on any iOS device, and comes with a host of additional software solutions like inventory reports, sales reporting and, for restaurants, floor management planning and menu creation software. One of the key features of Lightspeed POS is the ability to create individual user accounts for your employees with access to key information. The Lightspeed pricing model offers three plans, starting from around $99 per month. Discover what Lightspeed users have to say about the system and use Lightspeed POS reviews to help you decide.

Instantly recognizable as one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms, the Shopify POS system was a natural expansion for this industry leader. No Shopify POS review would be complete without touching on the ease of use, comparatively low pricing and the features provided to help online entrepreneurs. Pricing ranges from $9 to $299 per month depending on your needs and the type of Shopify POS hardware that you’re looking at integrating on your ecommerce site. Hardware tends to have additional charges, but the Shopify card reader offers lowered rates if you use the Shopify card processing system. Ideal for ecommerce? Make sure to read the Copmparisun Shopify POS review before committing to the system, you may be better served with a mobile POS system or even a traditional POS. Shopify is only available for iPhone and iPad, and only aimed at the retail market where it performs best.

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Lightspeed offers 3 pricing plans and which one you choose will depend on the type of business you have. All plans include omnichannel capabilities, 24/7 support with free updates, secure cloud backup and basic reports.

  • The small plan which includes 1 register with up to 5 employees is $99 per month.
  • The medium plan allows for 2 registers with up to 10 employees for $169 per month.
  • The large plan allows up to 4 registers with up to 20 employees and costs $289 per month.
  • You can add employees for an extra $9 per month or add an additional register for $59 per month which will include 3 extra employees.
  • An annual subscription payment is also possible.

There are 4 Shopify packages, The Life plan that is only $9 per month, the Basic that costs $29 per month which is ideal for a new business, the Shopify which is $79 per month and is used for a growing business and the Advanced Shopify which has advanced features which is $299 per month. The price varies, depending on whether you are using their POS system in conjunction with an online store on their eCommerce site. Shopify also offers a 14 day free trial period. These are the costs for using their software, if you require any hardware or peripherals, Shopify does offer choices on their website, if you need to purchase directly from them. Generally you can use Shopify POS with most types of hardware and the chances are that if you have your own, they would be compatible. The Shopify card reader also offers low rates on their card processing system. You will also get a discount if you pay annually or biannually. All the options give you the option of adding a retail package for an extra $49 per month which includes hardware integrations and some extra features.

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