Future POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2020]

Future POS is a well-known brand, operating in the industry for over 20 years. The award-winning Future POS system continues to drive innovation with the release of new features and restaurant management solutions. Reporting and analysis are key features of Future POS software and all features are fully customizable. Be aware that you will need to purchase additional hardware including terminals and printers, but Future POS is partnered with several big brand suppliers including Epson and Pioneer.

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Key Features

  • Installation and Applications
  • Accessibility to Multiple Financial Reports
  • Menu Customization and Digital Signage
  • Fast and Accurate Ordering
  • Barcode scanning and inventory management
  • Customer Loyalty program
  • Advanced Security
  • Multiple types of installations


Future POS does not publish their pricing information online. In order to get a quote you would have to apply directly to them and they will provide you with a quote. An initial setup fee is charged and a monthly charge is set according to what your establishment needs. Additional costs would be for terminals, printers and other hardware that might be necessary in order to be able to run the software. Free demos and training are also offered.

Things To Note

Future POS are primarily suppliers of software for the hospitality industry and they do not promote specific hardware and peripherals that you would need for their software to work. They do recommend well-known brands for tablets, printers, signage, kitchen displays, surveillance, scanners and more. Their software covers all aspects of managing businesses in the food industry from front and back of house. Their modern and interactive layout and design can be run on multiple installations including tablets, laptops and mobile devices.

In A Nutshell

Future POS is an easy to use, and teach, software application that is the ideal point of sales system for the hospitality industry. It has features that are designed for fast and reliable restaurant management. Future POS also boasts the best customer support in the industry with 24/7 live technical support. With all important information available to your employees in real time you will be able to implement online ordering, dispatch, deliveries, customer loyalty programs, separate or split checks, inventory control and much more.

The advanced employee management feature will allow you to keep track of their time, attendance and payroll with ease. Future POS offers EMV options with mobile payment technologies to ensure quick and easy remuneration from your customers. Future POS Payment system provide security and the possibility of receiving payments from all types of credit or debit cards.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Future Point Of Sale:

Future POS is a privately held company that has its headquarters in Butler, Pennsylvania. They have reputedly developed and sold POS systems and software since 1998, building a stellar reputation for reliability in the food industry. The company can cover large scale installations like national stores and food courts in large malls. 

Their systems are fully customizable and can be programmed to suit any style of restaurant. Some of the features offered, are dispatch and delivery with online ordering, gift card and customer loyalty programs, full bar services, customer tableside ordering, tip and table management and inventory tracking. Future POS also has the ability to interface with Microsoft MapPoint and Google Maps for delivery directions.

Their reports can be customized to give you the full scope of financial transactions, traffic analysis, employee times, details and payroll and much more. Keeping track of payments and inventory will cut down on mistakes that employees may make, and theft, even when you are not on the premises. You can even program the software to send you an SMS when a meal is returned or comped. Reports can be emailed or read online from wherever you are. This is the ultimate way to keep track of what is going on with your business in you absence. Surveillance is another feature that Future POS can offer with video that uses ordinary web cameras.

Owners and managers can view what is going on in the restaurant and prevent fraud and theft at the point of sale station. Future POS works with partners and they can hook you up with accounting and payroll companies so that all you accounting needs are met.

These can be set to be in compliance with state mandated rules and regulations, with value added tax and payroll issues. On a daily basis you will be able to balance your takings with all the orders that have gone out leaving very little room for error. Labour scheduling and employee timekeeping can be exported to numerous accounting packages which will bring the workings of your restaurant in sync without having to do any extra paperwork.

When it comes to inventory, you will be able to keep check of your stock as well as food costing for menu planning and pricing. Menus can be changed at any time and all your employees will have access to this information instantly. This is particularly helpful when you have run out of a particular item on the menu as this will let your workers know not to allow customers to order it.

There is also a feature that can be used to track down employee meals with personalized details. Reservations and table seating can be controlled with this software with the ability to split checks by seat. Orders can be taken from customers and sent directly to the kitchen display unit which will speed things up in the kitchen with no margin for error as the orders are time stamped and accurate.

Customer reservations and a customer loyalty program which are built into the software allow you to customize reward levels with gift certificates and the ability to send out emails to alert your customers of any special events you might have. In the bar you will be able to pre-authorize bar tabs and split checks as well as record drink recipes for training new staff.

When it comes to security there is a magnetic swipe reader that can verify driver’s licenses and EMV options with mobile payment technologies, which include ApplePay and SamsungPay. EMV is necessary if you want to keep your business safe from credit card fraud. Future POS payments work with EMV terminals and are PA-DSS certified which is the safest way to receive payments online.

Inventory management is taken to a new level with Future POS and tracking all transactions with a superior reporting system allows you to easily balance with payments at the end of each shift. Future POS is a software program that can customize your logo and design to fit in with your brand. Orders placed are automatically directed to the kitchen and the receipt printer which makes this robust ecosystem fast and reliable.

The integrated surveillance system is supplied by Talon/Ready Distribution, Remote Eyes, Digital Pour, and Berg Liquor Controls. Customer service is reputed to be excellent with live 24/7 support and training, webinars.

Future POS Best Features

  • Installation and Applications

Future POS gives you the flexibility of multiple types of installations. You can choose cloud or web-based applications or a local Windows installation. They offer support for both iOS and Android based tablets and smartphones. This flexibility allows you to streamline your POS system to suit the nature of your business and give you the ultimate solution that works with your choice of hardware and peripherals.

  • Accessibility to Multiple Reports

Future POS v6 offers comprehensive data analytics which will allow management to get a quick overview of all the essential parts of the business. You can construct reports to suit your needs with customizable charts and graphs. The systems wide search function makes it easy to find any information instantly.

  • Menu Customization and Digital Signage

Graphic options and themes are available which can be customized to fit in with your logo and brand. The robust styling engine is used to add buttons for menu items as required. Digital signage is also available through Future POS which can be used for Special offers and events. The digital signage model is included in the POS system free of charge so that you can change the message as needed. This includes digital menu boards for those restaurants that need to advertise their menus.

  • Fast and Accurate Ordering

When it comes to customers’ orders, Future POS has a system in place that reduces ordering time with customizable multi-column modifiers. The aim is to have all items in one window for easy and quick access. The orders are instantly sent to a Video display unit in the kitchen with a time stamp to ensure that the kitchen staff send out the orders in the right order. This will reduce ticket times and increase table turn arounds.

  • Video Surveillance

A built in surveillance system which is only available with the Future POS system, is in place to enable management to keep a close eye on point of sale activities.  This app uses web cams strategically places so that you can view targeted spots in your restaurant at any time from any place.

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