Koomi POS Review

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Key Features

  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Handling
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Customer Account Profiles
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Multi-Location
  • Restaurant and Retail POS
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Automatic Updates


Koomi POS offers a free trial and their basic package starts from $69 per month, billed annually. They offer a scalable enterprise package and you would have to contact them to get a quote if you needed more than one point of sale. The basic package includes 1 POS license, menu customization, sales reports, automatic updates, payment integration and in house support. If you need to add other available features you will need to apply for a quote. Payments received through the integrated payment partners Square and First Data have their own rates and charges.

Things To Note

For establishments that need to address the needs for quick service, Koomi POS offers features that will help you take orders quickly and efficiently through mobile devices. This will allow you to take more orders in quick succession so that you can maximize your order intake. Koomi POS is ideal for cafés, bakeries, sushi stands, burger joints, salad bars, and all the establishments that offer quick fast food. Tableside ordering is also possible as well as orders from customers waiting in line. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen through mobile tablets thus shortening the time customers wait and increasing revenue during peak hours. The software is intuitive and user-friendly allowing your employees to follow the procedures in a few minutes. Koomi offers dedicated customer support and their team are on hand to help you every step of the way. Note that the Koomi system is only supported by iOS devices and is available in English and French.

In A Nutshell

Koomi is an intuitive POS system that is designed for quick service restaurants and cafés. It is ideal for managing large volumes of customer orders, on the go and online. The app is easy to understand and implement and offers a user-friendly employee training feature. Menus can be created in minutes and quick promo changes can be made during working hours. The solution offered by Koomi is highly mobile and integrates with kitchen management and payments also offering automatic updates and reports from anywhere at any time. Koomi POS offers a fast and efficient ordering process that is fully functional even during rush hour. Koomi combines integrated mobile ordering apps with a POS designed to serve customers faster, increase revenue and reduce staff costs during rush hour.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Koomi POS is focused on quick service and offers integrated payments, reporting and analytics and automatic updated. With Koomi you can streamline your business with one dashboard and an easy to use point of sale system. They are also suitable for large fast-food franchises and multiple store locations. Koomi has robust hardware connections and you would need to have iPads, receipt printer, cash drawer, and a router. This is a simple set up and does not require bulky hardware that are far more expensive.

Even though they have only been established for a few years, Koomi has received an award for their software from Finances online. They have been named the Rising Star and Premium Usability software for 2019.  Koomi POS is a cloud-based program that will run even when you are offline. All your data is saved locally and synced when you are online again. Koomi only works with Apple Apps and you would need to use iOS hardware which includes Epson receipt printer, iPads, and a Wi-Fi router0C7.

Payments for credit cards are made through the Square app. For this, you would need to sign up to Square and have a Square reader for magstripe, chip, and contactless cards. To use Square you will need to download their software on the same iPad where the Koomi Master app is installed. The main cash register app is called the Koomi Master. This app allows you to take orders, manage tickets, and check out, refund and close tickets. You can download this app via the Apple store and you would need to have an Apple ID. Total sales are updated by the admin panel every five minutes and you can view totals for the current shift or the entire day.  Koomi Kitchen is the iPad display app that optimizes productivity in the kitchen. You would select your items on Koomi Master or Koomi Rover and the order would be automatically relayed to the Koomi Kitchen app. Koomi Rover is the app that allows you to take orders from waiting or sitting customers. The orders are relayed to the kitchen and cash register.

All Koomi iPad applications must be connected to the same network. It is recommended that you use a 5HGz password protected network for the Koomi iPad applications and a 2.4GHz password protected network for any other peripherals such as payment terminals, computers, etc. Instructions on how to synchronize all your hardware with the apps is available online through the Koomi website. You can also brand your own app and receive orders directly into Koomi. This will allow you to increase your takeaway and pick up revenue and decrease your operational costs through your own branded app which can be integrated directly into Koomi. Design your app with your logo, colors and edit your menu options and pricing through the Admin Dashboard.

For multi-store operations, you can streamline your operations and access data through a centralized dashboard. With this app, you can log in and follow your sales at any location at any given time. Performance from each location can be accessed through the reporting and analytic features in real time. Payments are integrated with Square, First Data and Moneris for instant hassle-free credit and debit card payments. With Koomi you can also access automatic updated directly from the App Store and decide who can log in and access information.

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