Rezku POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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Key Features

  • Priority live support
  • Rewards program
  • Transparent pricing
  • Inventory management system
  • Cash drawer management
  • Table management system
  • Advanced kitchen display system
  • Rezku POS menu design
  • EMV enabled processing and security


Rezku advertise their prices on their website which makes is clear to understand, without any hidden fees. They do not have their own credit card processor and you can choose your own. For a single POS terminal you will be charged $99 per month and each additional terminal will be an extra $49 per month. Note that these charges are paid yearly and do not include any hardware.

Things To Note

Rezku POS offers many features which include an Automated Inventory Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, Loyalty & Rewards Program, EMV Enabled Processing and Security, Credit Card Payment Gateway Access and unlimited U.S. based Priority Live Support. Updates and new features are included in the price. Rezku will also help you find the most cost effective payment processor as they integrate with thousands of independent merchant services.

With Rezku POS you will not be plagued by internet outages bringing your business to a standstill. Their software can be used when offline to checkout customers, manage orders and take payments. Sales, labor and inventory items are always synced as soon as you are back online. All information is securely backed up and encrypted and you can access the system from any device that is connected to the internet.

In A Nutshell

Rezku is a restaurant management suite that is dedicated to the food and beverage industry. Their software is easy to use and expertly crafted to help restaurant owners control all aspects of their businesses. They also offer high security with their encryption standards and their PCI and EMV compliance.

Designed by a veteran restaurateur, Rezku POS is the ideal restaurant management software. The system is run with mobile devices with endless possibilities from table side ordering and payments to total mobile management. Rezku offers a full set of desktop, laptop, phone or tablet connections for back office which will allow you to update your inventory, view sales and much more from any mobile device.

Let’s Dive Deeper

The Rezku Prime Table Management system is run on a large 20-inch touch screen and gives you a clear view of your restaurant table settings. This is the ideal tool to help you manage to seat in your restaurant as you can see which tables are cleared at a glance. The Rezku Reservations offers essential features to help you fill open tables and maximize your turnover of the customer. With the Rezku Waitlist, you can add walk-in guest’s names to a waitlist and have them automatically assigned to tables as they become available. Rezku Prime gives you full control of your front of the house by giving you the best view of everything that is happening in your dining area. You will also be able to use your iPad to take reservations in the house or on the move.

Rezku offers an impressive Inventory Management feature that is vital for running any food and beverage business. Menu costing is easy if you have all your ingredients listed in your inventory with the cost price of each item. It is important to keep this list current and to be able to see at a glance what your costs are per menu item. Keeping control of your inventory will reduce waste and theft and save you money. When it comes to Sales Reporting it is imperative that you are able to view sales in different formats.

You can build a strong team of employees if you have access to information on who sells the most. Being able to see your transactions over days and months will give you the correct insights to help you manage your business more efficiently. You will also be able to see your sales by product which will give you a picture of your best-selling menu items. To keep track of sale exceptions like discounts, complimentary meals, and canceled orders, Rezku features full reports so that you can keep track of all these transactions. Labor management is built into Rezku POS and this feature includes an integrated time clock system and a live labor cost tracking system. Tracking your labor costs and exporting to your accounting software has never been easier.

Rezku offers additional security measures for cash drawer management. Every time the drawer opens you will get a report per user and be able to verify the cash in the drawer at any time. The POS drawer reports will show any discrepancies which are documented after each audit and you will be able to keep track of payment type, time, order number, amount, customer name and much more. Rezku specializes in easy to access data through an easy to read dashboard.

You will have all the information you need at any time, at your fingertips. The Rezku kitchen display system is the latest technology and allows for easy kitchen management and speedy orders, with fewer mistakes. No more lost tickets as the orders are sent to the kitchen from mobile devices after the orders are taken. The advanced kitchen display system for restaurants is fully integrated into the Rezku point of sale. Menu design is easy with the Rezku features that offer a drag and drop interface and flexible flow design. You can color code your menus and use graphics, logos or images to make them easy to understand and help communications between the front and back of the house. Advanced ticket management features are easy to use under any circumstances whether it is to split, discount or add automated gratuity. Taking payments whether EMV chip cards or contactless payments through your payment processing platform is made easy with Rezku’s integrated payment solutions. You can accept Apple or Google Pay and any major credit or debit card directly on reliable EMV readers from Ingenico.

With Rezku POS you have more restaurant orientated choices to choose from including deliveries and online ordering.  

Rezku POS Best Features

  • Point of Sale – fully comprehensive POS for restaurants
  • Priority live support – superior customer support
  • Rewards program – customer loyalty program
  • Transparent pricing – easy to understand pricing
  • Inventory management system – automatic inventory management
  • Cash drawer management – control your cash income
  • Table management system – keep track of table seating
  • Advanced kitchen display system – instant communications with kitchen
  • Rezku POS menu design – drag and drop easy interface
  • EMV enabled processing and security – PCI and EMV compliant
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