SalesVu POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2020]

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  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Quick Service

Key Features

  • Menu programming and configuration
  • Intuitive applications
  • Free SalesVu Apps
  • Free help with Website
  • Kitchen display system
  • Customer management
  • Digital loyalty cards
  • Itemized invoices and quotes
  • Scalable solutions
  • Employee management
  • Centralized Management
  • Accounting integration
  • 24/7 customer support


With SalesVu you do not pay for the application. There is a monthly subscription depending on which POS you decide to buy. Clear and transparent monthly payments are offered without any contracts or hidden fees. Apart from the free mobile apps, you can choose to take the SalesVu Cloud Basic at $75 per month per location. This package includes cloud based reports, all the apps, cloud based management and accounting.

The SalesVu Cloud Advanced comes in at $150 per month per location and offers the Cloud Basic, CRM and Marketing Automation, Inventory and Vendor Management, Web and Facebook Store and recurring billing. Included in the advanced package are TouchBistro POS, Open Table, Squarespace, Kiosk and AppBuilder Pro. There are other options available and the details can be found on their website. How much you pay will depend on the needs of your business. For clients in the U.S. and Canada, the first magstripe credit card reader for each of your business locations is free when you run your payment processing through Vantiv.

Things To Note

SalesVu caters for all types of industries including retail, restaurants, bars, cafes and service orientated businesses. They cover all requirements with a product that can be customized to your needs.  Using SalesVu can be cost effective as there is no requirement for locally installed POS systems and expensive hardware. Their software is cloud based and ideal for smaller businesses with online shops. The cloud based software is run on mobile devices and is perfect for businesses on the go as payments can be taken anywhere and at any time. Features and apps offered are easy to apply and there are many video tutorials to help you set up. You can download from a robust list of apps that share the same database, adding more as your business grows. Credit Card Processors used are Vantiv Integrated Payments, WorldPay, and Evo Payments International.

In A Nutshell

With all the features offered, SalesVu is a good choice if you are looking for a customizable appearance, kiosk feature, service appointment feature or excellent marketing features. Although their software is more suited to smaller businesses they do have the capability of running larger organizations and multiple locations. SalesVu is easy to use and is split into two platforms, the front end which is totally run by mobile devices and operates the POS and payment processing and the backend which manages inventory, reports, employees and accounts.

You will be able to monitor your business from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. SalesVu recommends the use of a 3G or 4G wireless modem for their cloud based software. Their interface is easily navigated with clear drop down menus that have 19 categories of which the discount and marketing tabs are most useful. For accounts SalesVu integrates with QuickBooks for easy account management.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into SalesVu Review:

The Point of Sales software offered with the SalesVu package has all the functions you would expect from a good system with added extras like customer invoicing, decimal quantity control and appointment scheduling for the service industry. With this point of sale system you will also be able to process all types of payments, print or email digital receipts, customize receipts and monitor cash management with features like current cash on hand and close shift functions. Scanning of barcodes on inventory items and setting decimal quantities for products that sell by weight and volume is particularly useful for the food industry.

SalesVu offers versatile features that will allow you to customize and create automatic price changing criteria and adjust the totals of each ticket with tips or split checks. Customer invoicing, quotes, recurring bills and scheduling appointments is a bonus for the service industry. For restaurants, SalesVu offers features that allow you to make table reservations and online ordering with e-Commerce capabilities which are built directly into their app.

The Kiosk feature allows customers to order directly from their table and the advanced inventory management will give you a clear view of what you have in stock and what you need to order. The barcode scanner is equally useful for the retail and food industry. You can enter new products with CSV files or manually enter them from the front end register. All this information will be synced to your mobile devices so that you can keep informed in real time.

Employee management is another feature that is offered on the SalesVu software. You can get your employees to clock in and out and keep track of the hours they work. For security reasons you can decide on which employees should have access to different levels of your business. This will protect your business from accidental mistakes and fraudulent practices.

It is essential to maintain an active database with your customer’s information. Customer management through SalesVu is made easy as once a customer has been added during checkout their information is kept on file. This information can be used to create discounts and to advertise marketing campaigns directly through your Facebook page or via emails. You can even issue custom Facebook coupons, which is not a feature easily found on other POS systems. Gift cards and loyalty cards can be printed for your deserving customers.

SalesVu integrates with four programs. Even though it does have a built in accounting system, it does also integrate with QuickBooks that will sync all your sales data online and on desktop. Facebook is another program that you can use to offer discount coupons to your loyal customers and Zapper is a mobile application which customers use for food service. The last programs that you can integrated with through SalesVu are compatible Credit Card Processors, Vantiv Integrated Payments, WorldPay, and Evo Payments International.

Customer service and technical support are a priority for SalesVu. You can either send an email to their support team, call on their 24/7 telephone service, get onto live chat through their website or simply make use of their demonstration videos that provide an extensive look into the software and all the features offered. There is also a blog with very interesting articles sent in by satisfied customers who are using their software.

Best SalesVu Features

  • Menu programming and configuration – streamline your menus
  • Intuitive applications – easy to train, and easy to use
  • Free SalesVu Apps – easily downloadable apps
  • Free help with Website – graphic design team at no extra cost
  • Kitchen display system – Incoming App can be used as KDS
  • Customer management – Regulars App streamlines customer management
  • Digital loyalty cards – VIPz app helps create gift cards
  • Itemized invoices and quotes – Invoicing with discounts and taxes calculated
  • Scalable solutions – add apps as business grows
  • Employee management – keep track of hours and shifts of employees
  • Centralized Management – manage all your stores remotely from anywhere
  • Accounting integration – integrate with QuickBooks online.
  • 24/7 customer support – chat line, email or telephone support
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