Shopkeep iPad POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2020]

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Key Features

  • Affordable Pricing– pay as you go pricing, with different packages, are tailor made to suit most types of retail businesses.
  • In Depth Reports-ShopKeep reports are capable of tracking sales by department, item and sales in detail. In depth reports on staff hours and salary structures are also available
  • Inventory Control-Inventory of any size can be scanned by Bluetooth scanner into the ShopKeep software which helps keep accurate stock control
  • Quality Hardware-ShopKeep supplies all their customers, reasonably priced, top of the range, durable hardware
  • Security-Cloud based iPad system protects customers data and all transactions from hacking


When it comes to pricing, ShopKeep offers a monthly subscription payment starting from $69 a month. In order to get a best price you should request a quote according to your requirements. The cost would depend on how large your business is, how many locations you have and what hardware you would require.

ShopKeep technology works with mobile devices or server based POS systems. They are able to supply check out stations, touch screens, barcode scanners, printers and any other hardware you might need. ShopKeep software has an easy, no contract, payment system which includes a guaranteed low integrated payment processing rate.

Things To Note

  • ShopKeep caters for the retail trade, bars, franchises and quick service business
  • Software has been tailored to suit each type of business separately, making ShopKeep type specific for all retail businesses
  • With its own PSP customers get an all in one system down to receiving all types of payment online
  • ShopKeep is not an accounting package and does not link to one. Data would need to be manually transferred to an accounting package.

In A Nutshell

Retailer type specific, ShopKeep is geared for the smaller businesses who are looking to buy a reasonably priced POS system to keep track of their inventory and use as a point of sales cash register. ShopKeep works with a touch screen interface which is iPad based for ease of use and fast to teach to staff members.

ShopKeep is an uncomplicated system that will deliver in depth reports on sales, inventory, staff management and is suitable for all types of retailers, small restaurants and bars. ShopKeep is ideal for smaller business, even with large inventories to keep track of their stock, manage their staff and run points of sales with direct access to payments.

Let's Dive Deeper Into Shopkeep Best Features

ShopKeep hardware is durable, functional and modern. Whatever type of business you have, there is a package that is tailor made for your establishment. You can choose the package that suits your type of business and have it customized to cover your type of inventory, regardless of whether you are a café or a hairdressing salon. With the touch screen interface you can place orders, manage bookings and registrations and also keep control of your employee’s hours and salaries. The Bluetooth scanners give you the ability to scan any item from any location in your store which makes it easy to add items to your inventory software. Real time calculations of inventory, and the setting up of alerts when stocks run low are a major advantage. This way you will never run out of stock again.

Keeping track of your inventory is also an indicator as to which items are your best sellers and which items you need to get rid of because they are not selling. The ability to organize items in categories by department will keep your inventory in order with easy identification through reports. Complete control over what comes in and leaves your store is of the utmost importance and in depth reports will keep you abreast of exactly what is going on in your retail business even when you are away. Keeping track is made easy with the ShopKeep Pocket app which will allow you access of real time reports through your mobile phone in any location.

How to Choose a POS (Point of Sale) System

Checkout points acting as cash registers allow you to keep track of all payments made and you can transfer payments between any accounts. Easy access to the integrated payment systems with guaranteed low costs is another plus which ShopKeep customer’s use. Being able to accept all types of payments for your goods is a definite advantage. Technology advances at a great speed and ShopKeep promise to keep their customers updated through their cloud based system. All updates are free and available to all ShopKeep customers for as long as the subscriptions are paid.

ShopKeep can boast an excellent record when it comes to customer service. Most reviews online will confirm this and as further confirmation they have even received awards for their excellent attention to detail when it comes to servicing their clients. In the US, ShopKeep after sales service is available to all their customers 24/7, which is a relief as things can, and will go wrong, at the most inconvenient time. ShopKeep was launched in 2008 and only changed to the iPad technology in 2010.

By 2016 ShopKeep was ranked 116th in the Deloitte 500 fastest growing tech companies. The use of the iPad which was transformed into a smart cash register, with all the extras was a stroke of genius on behalf of ShopKeep. This made the whole system easily accessible to thousands of retailers, big and small who found the software easy to implement and use.

Keeping up with trends in the market place, ShopKeep has recently launched, ShopKeep capital which is a cash advance service to qualifying customers. Eligible members can apply for a cash advance which can be used for legitimate business needs. ShopKeep’s mission has always been to support the growth of independent businesses and with this move they have taken it a step further. Favorable repayment plans can be negotiated and in some cases this facility could prove to be a life saving measure for small businesses.

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