Thrive POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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Key Features

  • Advanced reporting features
  • Flexible and affordable
  • Tablet point of sale
  • Delivery management
  • Custom smartphone apps
  • Loyalty program
  • Marketing strategies
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Training Online
  • Employee Management


Thrivepos do not advertise their prices online, but it is stated that their starting price is $99 per month. The price paid will depend on how many point of sale stations you require and the hardware you will need. Pricing is scaled to the number of stations required. Custom quotes are given to determine the cost of hardware that is required to run your business efficiently. Payment processing is offered at the best rates through PCI security standards. Thrivepos offers secure and affordable card processing through Granbury Payments.

Things To Note

Mobile apps offer marketing strategies that focus on social media and text messaging which makes online ordering through mobile devices a tool to promote the development of branded restaurant mobile applications. The app also promotes a loyal customer base and competitiveness. Thrivepos offers key insights that will help you predict and forecast sales as well as secure access from anywhere at any time through the cloud. The software offers management of multi-store locations with web based N2K reporting tools through a central menu management system. The Numbers to Knowledge (N2K) helps you consolidate your point of sale data from every store location every 15 minutes. Thrivepos is not a payment processor but they do offer a group negotiated rate that is unbeatable through their chosen payment processing provider. Thrivepos gives you great tools for remote management, training, support, and monitoring.

In A Nutshell

Thrivepos is a cloud based mobile POS system especially suitable for pizza shops and other food businesses. The system offers detailed reporting that gives you the power to run your business efficiently. Tracking of inventory items with their inventory management tools and scheduled reports and alerts that are emailed for quick reference will help you keep track of your stock. You will be able to create purchase orders based on warnings on low stock items. Customized dashboards can be defined and viewed by different levels in your organization as well as offer you charts, graphs and cash management reports from all store locations. Thrivepos offers advanced security options for your online safety with daily bank deposit reconciliation.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Thrive POS


One of the most important functions of a good point of sale system is keeping track of inventory. With Thrivepos you will be able to keep track of every item that is used in your menu. With this feature, it is easy to keep track of what you receive from your vendors and know what has been sold and needs to be re-ordered. Without this feature you will not be able to keep track of what each item on your menu costs and what your percentage mark-up should be. Everything you buy should be allocated to a category on your inventory list in order to get the correct cost per item. Thrive offers inventory software that is flexible and easy to use.

Credit Card Processing

Thrivepos offers a reliable credit card processing system with competitive rates. With a fast, 2 – 4 second authorization time, you will be able to accept most major credit or debit cards quickly and efficiently through the POS terminals. Card data is encrypted and it is impossible for anyone to be able to read the swiped data due to advanced security measures. Thrivepos also offers speedy 1 – 2 day funding. If you are giving out gift cards to your loyal customers, you will be able to accept payments through your terminals as well as reload the cards when needed.

Integrations and Payment Plans

Integrating all orders by phone, online and in house is imperative to keep track of sales. With Thrivepos you can be assured that their flexible software integrates and keeps you up to date. Thrivepos ensures that you have everything you need from traditional POS stations, to iPads and smartphones which are set up to integrate with your restaurant technology. Pricing is scaled to the number of stations you need and they offer revenue boosting modules that fully integrate with your point of sale system. Thrivepos offers full integrations with online and mobile ordering, deliveries, loyalty marketing and enterprise reporting. To find out what you need and how much you will be expected to pay, contact Thrivepos for a quote which will include flexible financing and payment plans.

Customer Service

Help is always close at hand with Thrivepos. If you want to stay informed you can sign up for their blog or access the Thrive Product Learning Centre where you will find hundreds of articles and training videos. You will also have access to their personalized support portal 24/7

Best Thrive POS Features

  • Advanced reporting features – detailed reports and store comparisons
  • Tablet point of sale – mobile cloud based POS system
  • Delivery management – app offers online delivery management
  • Custom smartphone apps – from Apple and Google Play
  • Loyalty program – built on development of brand recognition
  • Marketing strategies – through social media and mobile devices
  • Mobile connectivity – Apple and Android compatible
  • Training Online – Self-help training modules
  • Employee Management – run payroll directly from software
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