Best Square Alternatives 2023 For Credit Card Processing

While Square might have the upper hand if you are a micro merchant and only need a Mobile Swiper. If your business is getting bigger & you need a strong company that can help you accept credit cards with great customer service you should find that elsewhere. See what Square’s Top Alternatives have to offer your business.

Top Pick

Leaders Best Features:

  • Same Day Approvals


  • Low Rates & Transparent pricing
  • No upfront cost
  • Robust credit card processing
  • Integrated leading POS systems
6045 user reviews on 3 sites
24/7 Support
EMV Reader

Stax Payments Best Features:


  • Flat Fee, 0% Markup Processing
  • No Hidden Fees & No Contract 
  • 24/7 Customer Support
2878 user reviews on 2 sites
EMV Reader
Mobile Payments

Flagship Best Features:


  • Rates as low as  0.35%
  • Over 25K SMBs Using Flagship
  • EMV & NFC compliant terminals
3128 user reviews on 3 sites
EMV Reader
Mobile Payments

CardX Best Features:


  • Customer transparency
  • Accept payments online & In store
  • Automated surcharging compliance
Very Good
1757 user reviews on 2 sites
EMV Reader

Payment Depot Best Features:


  • Great Hardware & Fast Response 
  • No Hidden or Cancellation fees
  • Offers Virtual Terminal & POS Systems
Very Good
1457 user reviews on 2 sites
Customizable plans
Friendly Customer Service
Easy SetUp

Square Best Features:


  • Fits low-volume merchants
  • Cons: high percentage of rejections
  • Cons: high processing rates
2517 user reviews on 3 sites
Quick Service

CCP.Com Best Features:


  • SMBs looking for VALUE
  • The More You Process, The More You Save
  • Business Membership Perks
912 user reviews on 3 sites
EMV Reader


  • What are Square Credit Card Rates?

    Square charges according to payment type and depending on whether you use Square Register of Square Terminals. Processing fees are deducted from each transaction and the balance is deposited into your linked bank account. Here are the rates charged according to the payment types. Square’s fees apply to all business types, including non-profit organizations.

  • How much does square charge per transaction?

    The average charges on square are 2.75% for swiped transactions and 3.5% +15c for manually entered transactions. There is a slight difference in the fees if you use Square Register or Square Terminal.

  • Does square hold funds?

    Usually Square deposits within 1 – 2 business days. To receive instant deposits into your account you will have to link a verified bank account and a supported debit card to your Square account. Visa or MasterCard debit cards issued outside the US are not supported. Funds are only withheld if there is a dispute or if your bank account is not verified.

  • Can I use Square without a business?

    If you have the Square credit card reader you can receive credit card payments for personal transactions as long as you agree to their terms and conditions. Anyone can set up an account and receive payments on a personal level. The credit card reader is connected to your smartphone or tablet and you can receive any amount no matter how small.

  • What exactly does Square offer?

    Aside from the payment processing, which is handled through their software, you have the added ability to import hundreds of products through their CSV spreadsheets. The Square Dashboard and the Point of Sales app give you the ability to manage quantities and prices easily. Barcode scanning is also possible and taxes can also be set to be added automatically.

  • Square Point of Sale software

    Square POS is an advanced mobile payment processing system that is better than many competitors available in the market today. The combination of its back end features coupled with a strong payment processing system make for a great package. The Square cash register is very easy to use and has many features that you can program. This could be discounts, records of cash and card transactions, receipt printing on iPads and much more.

  • What are your hardware requirements when using Square?

    If you’re planning on using your Square Register with an Apple device you will need IOS 8 or a later version. Square is compatible for use with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch although a variety of features are available exclusively on the iPad. Android users require 4 or higher with GPS and Google Play enabled. You can purchase additional hardware separately from Square online.

  • Which businesses are not accepted on Square?

    All transactions are monitored on the platform and action will be taken in the event that the terms of sale are violated. If you fall into this category you will be informed via email that your account has been frozen and you will not be able to take any more payments. You will need to supply documentation proving that your transactions are legal and conform to the terms and conditions set out in your original agreement with Square.

    Businesses that would be suspended or not accepted are those that sell illegal products or services that do not comply with state or federal law. Age restricted products like cigarettes need a card to be present for the transaction to proceed. Selling age-restricted products over the phone, mail order or the internet is prohibited. All transactions have to be linked to bonafide sales and you might be requested to produce invoices. Square is designed for the sale of goods and services only.


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