Clickmeeting Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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  • Presentation Streaming
  • Easy SetUp
  • Secured Environment

Key Features

  • Event Management
  • Multi hosts
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Screen Sharing
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Audio & video conferencing
  • Meeting Room Rebranding
  • Simultaneous Chat Translation
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Webinar Statistics
  • One-click Recording


Clickmeeting offers feature heavy, scalable and flexible plans – all for one low monthly fee. My Webinars, which is suitable for medium sized video conferencing, supports 25 – 100 attendees. Prices start from $30 and go up to $69 depending on how many people you have. This package offers 2 presenters, custom branding and 4h recording.  My Webinars Pro covers bigger events for 50 to 500 attendees and prices start from $45 and go up to $179 for 500 attendees. This package includes 4 presenters and 6 hours recording. The Enterprise package covers 500 – 5000 attendees and the price starts at $209. This option offers customized packages with agency and reseller solutions. It also includes an account manager and extended add-ons as well as live streaming. Prices are billed annually. Extra add-ons that can be purchased are additional presenters, extra video streams, more recording storage and parallel sessions.

Things To Note

With Clickmeeting you can easily link with meetings or presentations and share screen shots and videos. They offer a 360 degree approach that engages, invites and collaborates with participants. Clickmeeting has an organized layout which is user friendly, for both attendees and hosts, with designated areas for webcam, chat box and presentations. One of the integrations that you can load directly is PowerPoint and the white board allows for full interaction between participants. Getting started with Clickmeeting is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can customize invitations and branding and organize paid webinars with a registration page. Productive webinars will allow you to engage with your audience and encourage interaction. Webinar recording and storage will give you the ability to review and make positive changes that will help you achieve your future goals.

In A Nutshell

The browser based platform does not require any software installations and the system works on all devices and operating systems. Clickmeeting has interactive tools and features that allow for engaging webinars that are cost effective for the organizers. The ability to customize with your logo and company colours offers a total branding experience. Clickmeeting connects people in any location or time zone and is ideal for collaboration in large businesses and organizations that have team members in remote locations. With the integration of PayPal, Clickmeeting makes it easy to organize paid webinars across the globe.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Technical specifications for using the browser based software is 1.83 GHz Intel Core TM Duo or faster processor, Mac OS X v10.4, 10.5, 10.6 (Intel) or higher, 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended) Mozilla Firefox 3 or higher, Apple Safari 4 or 5, and Google Chrome. Clickmeeting also runs on Linux but you would have to have the latest version of Chrome installed, which has a built in Flash. You can host and attend events from any device, including iPad, iPhone and Android devices, with the free mobile app available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Marketing your business with on demand or paid webinars will attract target audiences. You can customize branding of your company and offer demonstrations on your expertise. E-learning is another form of web seminars that benefits from the features offered by Clickmeeting. You can bring remote resources, engage with students and measure their progress. Training multiple employees around the world through webinars gives you the ability to interact with all employees and brings down costs on travel.

Clickmeeting offers webinar solutions that are scalable and reliable. Their technical team is available to help you build the right solution for your specific needs. Their powerful platform can enhance lead generation and increase sales and you can also monetize your webinars quickly and easily with their integration with PayPal. For web based seminars, presentations, lectures or workshops that are transmitted over the internet, Clickmeeting offers interactive web based software that allows you to give, receive and discuss information in real time.

Reporting and analytics are needed so that you can refer to after the event. Statistics about attendees and the interaction with participants can give you valuable information that will benefit you in future events. With Clickmeeting you will receive powerful reports on your paid webinars which will give you an indication of which ones are more profitable. Live streaming options and the ability to record events also make it possible to share and publish on You Tube and Facebook.

Webinar software features available are video file sharing, live chat, multiple presenters, screen share, prerecorded video or voice options, chat filters, live capture and streaming. Clickmeeting integrates with popular calendar applications so that you can schedule and invite participants. You can also integrate the webinar software with other business apps like CRM platforms and email marketing tools. The dashboard allows you access to key webinar features like enabling the whiteboard, screen sharing, and You Tube. Unpinning your video pod and moving to preferred locations for better focus, makes it easy for both hosts and attendees to get the best view. With Clickmeeting you can choose from various locations for the best webinar recording. The recording layout can be changed at any time manually.

Scheduling a sales webinar is simple. You would need to enable the registration form and then import your leads and contacts so that you can send custom branded invitations for your event. This provides initial engagement with prospective customers. With the webinar you will be able to share documents and manage presentations on screen, use the whiteboard and engage with your audience by chatting or initiating questions and answers and gathering feedback with quick polls and surveys.

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