Zoom Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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  • Chat Support
  • Presentation Streaming
  • Easy SetUp
  • Secured Environment

Key Features

  • Video Webinar and conferencing – up to 100 participants
  • Cloud and local recording – keep recordings of communications
  • Integrated scheduling – schedule and invite through calendar integration
  • HD audio and video – top quality audio visual
  • Join anywhere, on any device – use with iOS, Mac and Windows.
  • Secure communication and data storage – highly secure cloud storage
  • Reporting & analytics – view reports on meetings

Live broadcasting – real time communications

Broadcast across social channels – connect with Facebook and YouTube


There are four packages available to purchase with Zoom. The Basic plan is free and is suitable for personal meetings. This offers a 40 minute limit on group meetings for up to 100 participants. The Pro plan which is ideal for small teams costs $14.99 per month per host. This offers 24 hour limit on group meetings, cloud recording, admin feature control and optional add on plans. The Business plan for small to medium sized businesses comes in at $19.99 per month and allows up to 10 hosts. With this plan you will also have dedicated phone support and an admin dashboard. The Business plan also offers company branding with custom emails and on-premises deployment. For large enterprises Zoom offers the Enterprise plan which costs $19.99 per month per host. With this plan you can host up a thousand participants and also have unlimited cloud storage. Also available on this plan are bundle discounts on Webinars and Zoom Rooms.

Things To Note

With Zoom, participants can conduct meetings, share content wirelessly and participate in webinars and conferences. An URL link is created within the software for easy access and invitations can be sent online or through email for those who wish to participate. The dynamic hosting of webinars and video conferencing is conducted through the cloud securely due to the strict safety measures in place. Screen sharing of entire desktop with illustrations and diagrams and the quality of audio and visual components offer dual screen support. The Zoom webinar functions improve remote access and is ideal for broadcasting educational, corporate or organizational discussions.

In A Nutshell

Zoom is exclusively designed for hosting online courses, webinars, video demonstrations, virtual meetings and video conferencing for any industry. With their easy to use software, Zoom offers video conferencing and meeting software that integrates all these activities on a single cloud based platform. They are particularly cost effective for small to medium establishments and their quality audio and video screen sharing capabilities help collaboration between teams, employees and participants worldwide. Devices supported are iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Zoom Video Conferencing

With Zoom you can create groups and send texts, images or audio video files instantly. Invitations to others can be done through smartphones and the drag and drop capability allows you to share documents and files with ease. Screen sharing is done effortlessly via desktop or mobile device. If required there is a feature that allows you to record all virtual meetings on MP4 and M4A, for future reference. You can join and collaborate at any time across any device.

Zoom syncs your calendar and allows you to join enterprise video conferencing on any device. Internal and external communications and training can be done with one communication platform. With Zoom’s software you can produce HD video and audio to conference meetings with 49 videos onscreen that can be shown to up to 1000 participants. Built in collaboration tools allow multiple participants to share their screen for a more interactive meeting.

Zoom follows strict protocol when it comes to security. End to end encryption is enforced for all meetings.  Zoom is certified and compliant with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and also remains SOC 2 compliant, Truste certified and enabled HIPAA, PIPEDA & PHIPA Compliance. All meetings and communications are archived in the cloud for up to 10 years and integration with Smarsh and Global Relay is possible. In this way you will have searchable transcripts at your disposal.

Scheduling meetings can be done through your calendar system which includes Outlook, Gmail or iCal. Share and play videos with full audio and video without uploading the content and organize to be meeting ready by touching up your appearance and inserting a virtual background of your choice. Zooms software can be downloaded through mobile apps for iPhone or Android. Zoom chat keeps collaboration between desktop and mobile seamlessly so that teams can remain productive from any location.

To prioritize and manage different projects, Zoom Chat displays your availability status based on your calendar. You can even create custom notifications for different groups. This is perfect for companies that have numerous departments and teams. Zoom is ideal for departments like human resources and can help you make hiring decisions quicker.

For marketing, you can collaborate on events and creative projects easily through starred and personal channels. All groups can connect wirelessly from laptops and mobile devices. The Zoom Admin Portal empowers organizations to manage corporate communications and internal marketing across multiple offices and departments.

Zoom offer modern enterprise cloud phone system capabilities which allows you to communicate from anywhere at any time. They provide a single app for voice, video, messaging meetings and conferences which can be seamlessly made over cellular or Wi-Fi connections through Windows, Mac, iOS and Android applications.

With intelligent call routing capabilities, calls are connected quickly and efficiently. Routing wizards are in place to create automated attendants and voicemails can be accessed easily through PC, desk phone or mobile device. With Zoom, reports and analytics on meetings are easy to access and you can even monetize your webinars with access by integration with PayPal via Zapier.

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