Lifesize Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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Key Features

  • Desktop, mobile and browser web app
  • Integration with popular calendar apps
  • Easy administration
  • Global secure encryption
  • Record and share video calls
  • 24×7 support
  • Video conferencing software
  • Video and Audio Quality
  • Security and Firewall Traversal


With Lifesize you get three packages to choose from. The first is the Mini Bundle which is $16 per user, per month. This bundle supports up to 25 users and one permanent meeting room. The small bundle is $19 per month per user and offers everyday collaboration features, icon 450s, 2 HD Phones, 2 wireless sharing devices and 125 users with 10 permanent meeting rooms. Unlimited audio conferencing is also included. The Medium Bundle is $423 per user per month and offers 4 Icon 450s, 1 Icon 600, 5 Phone HDs, 250 users with 50 permanent meeting rooms.

Lifesize also offers a range of conference room equipment including cameras, phones and accessories which are designed to fit any meeting space. Pricing is based on sales inside the US. Customers outside the US are responsible for any government duties and taxes that may apply to their purchase. You will need to sign a yearly contract with all the bundles advertised.

Things To Note

Lifesize conferencing is geared to fit any size room and you can choose hardware to set up communications from multiple locations for large enterprises or smaller set ups for smaller groups. The possibility of face to face conversations with colleagues or customers is possible with calendar integrations, screen sharing and recording. Lifesize has award winning video conferencing software and they have over a decade of experience to guide you in purchasing the right hardware for your particular circumstances. High definition cameras with touchscreen conference phones and acoustics are especially designed to give you the ultimate video conferencing experience. They also offer superior customer service which is available 24/7/365 for all their customers

In A Nutshell

Lifesize offers industry leading reliability and security to all forms of video conferencing. They have designed their software to provide ease of use in all formats. Their video conferencing devices provide modern video conferencing solutions around the world. With a professional line of audio and video equipment, Lifesize offers all the necessary equipment and software needed to conduct successful meetings, seminars, webinars and training. Their plug in and play controls are intuitive and easy to use. Lifesize software also offer sthe ability to share documents and record for further reference. They integrate with Skype for Business, Outlook, Slack, HipChart, Cisco, Polycom and others that fit with your workflow, so that you do not need to use any cords or dongles to connect as everything works wirelessly.

Let’s Dive Deeper

With Lifesize you can connect through most browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Mobile Support. They also support Android, version 7.0 or later, iOS version 10.0 or later and technically the requirements needed are, Mac OS X, 10.10+. Windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10, Intel Core i5 1.6 GHz or faster, 4 GB RAM. Lifesize works with video systems and infrastructure from Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync online, Avaya, Cisco, Polycom and Radvision.

Audio conferencing with the option for auto dialing to over 60 countries is offered through their touchscreen phones and unlimited conferencing and meeting duration is offered through their collaboration features and bundles.  From Mini spaces for two people, to small meeting rooms, boardroom meetings and large enterprises, video conferencing can be set up easily with the technical support of their support team. Lifesize Dash will help you transform underutilized telephone communications into video connected collaboration spots so that you can create a cost effective workspace for smaller meeting rooms. The idea is to start small and scale up effortlessly.

With Lifesize Dash, you can create modern easy to use mini meeting rooms. It is the perfect video collaboration solution for huddle rooms that are perfect for two people meetings. The software allows you to enable video, audio and wireless screen sharing on an inexpensive Chromebox device. Lifesize Dash integrates with third party USB camera and audio devices and offers reliability and centralized management. For larger groups and rooms you can use the Lifesize Room Controller feature which is a tablet application designed to bring touch controls to your meeting rooms.

Lifesize Share Display, transforms screens of all sizes into visual corporate communication vehicles. Sharing compelling content with any audience, anywhere at any time is what video conferencing is all about. Streaming video content in real time to colleagues is considered to be the new norm for transmitting important information to people, wherever they are. Software updates can be done through the official Lifesize website. Note that you will need a current maintenance agreement to access product updates. For new participants, it is necessary to create an account online in order to activate the downloading of the software. Lifesize also offers a free trial if you would like to try out their software before purchasing. They also offer the Lifesize Community page which if full of helpful tips and instructions on all aspects of their products.

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