Payment Depot Review, Features & Pricing [2023]

With headquarters situated in Orange, California, Payment Depot is a provider for merchant accounts whose innovative pricing models have made its reputation as sunny as the climate of their West Coast habitat. Started in 2013, the company is known for not only the employment of subscription-based pricing, but also for the honest, transparent, and candid way with which their sales team engages with prospective clients. In addition, its Customer Support is ranked amongst the top in the industry.

Very Good
1352 reviews
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  • Retail
  • 24/7 Support
  • Secured Environment
  • EMV Reader
  • Mobile Payments

Key Features

  • eCommerce Payment Gateways
  • Free Virtual Terminals
  • Clover POS Options
  • Capacity to Accept Mobile Payments
  • eCheck Processing
  • Online Shopping Cart

Not Suited for:

  • Non US-based merchants
  • Do Not Accept High-risk merchants


The Payment Depot membership has no percentage-based markups and you can choose from four plans:

This entry-level gem can get the gears of your small business or start-up in motion with its healthy serving of options.  These include:

  • Monthly subscription costs of $49.00
  • Interchange + 0% + $0.15 per transaction
  • A monthly maximum processing volume of $25,000
  • Standard Virtual Terminals and Payment Gateways

Most Popular

Mid Sized companies will appreciate this plan for its diminished processing rates. This plan offers medium-scale merchants the following:

  • $79.00 monthly subscription rate
    Interchange + 0% + 10 cents per purchase
    Maximum Processing Volume of $75,000 every month
  • Virtual payment gateway and terminal
  • Mobile Card Reader and/or Credit Card Terminal at no Additional Cost
  • Protection against breaches and cyber attacks
  • VIP, premium-tier Customer Assistance

Best Value

Established, omnichannel goliaths massive processing volumes will find theme served well with this plan that incorporates the following features:

  • Interchange+ 0% + 7 cents per purchase
  • Monthly subscription rate of $99.00
  • Maximum monthly processing volume of $200,000
  • Mobile Card Reader and/or Virtual Terminal as standard issuance
  • Protection against data breaches and cyber crime
  • VIP Customer Support

This plan is designed for heavyweight businesses, and packs a punch with its attractive inventory of processing services and rock-bottom per-transaction rates.

  • Monthly subscription of $199.99
    Interchange + 0% plus 5 cents per purchase
    No limits on processing volume
    All-inclusive package that contains both Virtual and Physical Credit Card Terminals and/or Payment Gateways
  • PIN Pad
  • Cyber Security Options
  • Free upgrades for terminals every 24 months

Things To Note

In stark contrast with many of its competitors, Payment Depot has an immaculate track record with the Better Business Bureau.  Since 2015, they haven’t had a single complaint filed against them, and they currently boast an enviable A+ ranking.

In A Nutshell

Payment Depot is a highly-rated payment processing service whose hallmarks are their high degree of merchant satisfaction, as well as their transparent pricing policies.

Merchants can be certain that all of their needs will be met through Payment Depot’s services, including eCommerce-ready infrastructure, cyber security guarantees, and the capacity to handle astronomical processing volumes.

Going More In-depth into Payment Depot Processing:

Payment Depot, while not entirely reinventing the wheel, has clearly had its gears cranking at full-force as it’s worked diligently to revolutionize the way payment processors structure their prices.

So what’s the method behind the magic?  While other interchange-plus touting providers will levy fees for “interchange and mark-up” costs, yearly costs, PCI compliance charges, and more, Payment Depot bundles together all of their fees into a subscription cost that ranges from $49-199.  The total amount that you pay depends upon which plan you opt for.

Moreover, Payment Depot’s processing costs tend to outperform the competition’s, with no percentage mark-up being assessed.  Instead, your company will only be expected to pay for the interchange rate accompanied by a predetermined fee per transaction.

Can your company benefit from this pricing model?  The answer depends on a confluence of factors.  Firstly, you have to ask yourself how frequently you’ll be using the account, as you’ll be paying for the subscription regardless of whether you use it or not.  Thus, for merchants that aren’t in business year-round or those who infrequently process credit/debit card transactions, the costs of subscribing might be greater than what they might have been subjected to under conventional pricing plans.

Generally, smaller businesses might find the subscription fee a bit prohibitive, but larger entities, however, will be over the moon at the amount that they’ll save relative to competing for interchange-plus options.

With regards to their backend processing engines, Payment Depot turns to both First Data and TYSY for their reliably robust services.  This is a boon to customers, as it allows them to benefit from the power and speed of both of these companies at far lower prices than if they were to have signed up with them directly.  Smaller companies, especially, will appreciate the increased access to more powerful resources and the leveling of the playing field on which they compete against larger businesses.

Moreover, despite receiving the benefits of using First Data or TYSY, clients can breathe a sigh of relief at the knowledge that all Customer Support will be handled by Payment Depot, which is known for its concierge-like treatment of its user base.

As a result of its position as a reseller of First Data, customers of Payment Depot are able to take advantage of the processor’s integration of Clover POS Systems.  This means that Payment Depot’s users can expect the multidimensional assortment of offerings that have become synonymous with the Clover POS brand, including next day funding, online and mobile payments, e-commerce options, Virtual Terminals, and Payment Gateways and more.

Things to Love About Payment Depot

Though it would be so simple to just say, “Everything,” the most incredible aspects of Payment Depot are not the things they offer, but the headaches from which they free their consumers.  Payment Depot lets merchants wave goodbye (and say, “Good riddance”) to unwelcome elements that were once part and parcel for merchant account providers such as PCI compliance fees, statement fees, IRS reporting charges, and application fees.  Simply stated, Payment Depot is great for all the things they are but incredible for all the things they are not!

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