PaymentCloud Merchant Services Review, Features & Pricing [2022]

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  • Retail
  • Terminals
  • Secured Environment
  • High Risk
  • Mobile Payments

Key Features

  • Any industry, no matter their risk level can get setup
  • Over 98% approval rate for high risk merchants
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • No set-up or application fees
  • Free virtual terminal
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Equipment leasing service
  • Competitive rates
  • Next day deposits
  • Tailored CCP solutions
  • New business cash advance


Upon signing up with PaymentCloud, you will receive a virtual terminal free of charge. Other equipment and software can be leased. Swipe rates start as low as 0.39%.

Fill the lead form or call to get the bets suited quite for your business.

Things To Note

Most CCP providers prefer not to deal with high-risk merchants that have a large volume of chargebacks. PaymentCloud specializes in dealing with high-risk merchants and also provides a dedicated representative to deal with your account.  You will receive a free virtual terminal on signing up, and there is a choice of wireless and countertop card readers, card swipers, PIN Pads and software that you can lease. All the equipment available is the latest technology and they also supply online gateways for e-Commerce businesses and point of sale systems. For existing online e-Commerce businesses, PaymentCloud integrates with 99% of website platforms and offers counter top and wireless options that support EMV/NCC Swipe and contactless payments.

In A Nutshell

For high risk businesses, PaymentCloud is the best solution. Their services are fully PCI compliant and you can be set up in 24 hours after approval. It is good to note that they have a 98% approval rate. PaymentCloud processes all major credit and debit cards including American Express, Discover and ApplePay. E-Commerce transactions are processed easily thought their payment platform. PaymentCloud also work closely with big companies in the industry like Stripe and For those who need a POS system, the MaxxPay Point of sale system is available through their website.

Let’s Dive Deeper

PaymentCloud agents are high risk specialists and they have a dedicated team to help answer any questions on services and pricing. Once approved you will be able to integrate to their system with the help of a support team that will help with the on boarding process. If you are looking for a retail merchant account that integrates well with most software, PaymentCloud could be your answer. Their on boarding service could have you accepting payments in 24 hours or less. Their full range of merchant processing solutions are easy to install, safe and secure to use and above all fast and reliable.

Industry Types They Serve

PaymentCloud supports a long list of industry types and businesses that many other credit card processing companies cannot. For example, many adult, CBD, and travel companies both online and in-person have struggled to find credit card processing with everyone else other than PaymentCloud. But it’s not just high-risk businesses that they serve. Low-risk companies have found that they offer competitive rates and great service compared to other processors that they have used. It seems to be that PaymentCloud is a well-rounded provider for any business looking to start processing payments.

PaymentCloud offers a selection of the latest Point of Sale systems at cost-effective prices. If you already have a POS system, the chances are that you will be able to integrate with their payment processing system. The MaxxPay system offered by PaymentCloud offer the latest in point-of-sale software with different options that include a cash drawer that can be used countertop or wireless with EMV/NFC swipe and contactless payments. This POS system offers advanced display and customizable solutions. The latest in EMF and NFC terminals is on offer for countertop usage. Mobile and Wireless terminals are available for all types of businesses.

These make it easy for merchants to accept payments from any place at any time. The EMV compliant terminal that is offered free of charge is the latest technology and these are updated regularly to keep up with new trends. These mobile, wireless systems are ideal for merchants like locksmith’s garage repairs or any services that need to be able to collect payments on the go. Their high tech wireless terminals can be attached to mobile phones for quick payments from anywhere without compromising record keeping and email receipts. Some of the excellent wireless solutions on offer through PaymentCloud are the Ingenico models, VeriFone and PC Mobile swipers.

E-Commerce is a big part of PaymentCloud business with thousands of merchants trusting their business to them. If you run an online business, PaymentCloud can easily be integrated into your website content and management system. As long as you do not have a system that does not allow third party gateway integration, you will be able to integrate with them easily. Their experienced account representatives are on hand to help you expedite your application and get you going almost immediately. They have handled thousands of data migrations from other suppliers and the changeover can be done easily without losing any clients or their information.

Payment gateways or virtual online credit card terminals are hosted by a central server that can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have internet access. You will receive private login credentials and be able to accept payments, even over the phone. Security in managing credit and debit card transactions is of the utmost importance and PaymentCloud can manage your transactions safely and authorize payments and transfer funds to your bank account without any problems. Your customer’s card and personal information is encrypted and protected by PCI compliant standards. Other services offered by PaymentCloud is keeping transaction data, scheduling regular payment, general reporting, issuing refunds and processing batch files.

If you already have a merchant account and want to transfer to PaymentCloud, their dedicated representative will help you to change over with a few simple steps. They can integrate with any CMS like Shopify, WordPress, Wix or any others as long as they have an open API that they can work with.

To summarize, PaymentCloud are perfect for high risk businesses that are finding it difficult to find a reliable and cost effective Credit Card Processor. Their customer service is an important part of their business and you will be allocated a dedicated agent to oversee your account and technical support right from the start.

PaymentCloud Best Features

  • Total business type approval – Any industry, no matter their risk level can get setup
  • Over 98% approval rate – for high risk merchants with numerous chargebacks
  • Quick and easy set-up – no lengthy delays set up within 24 hours
  • No set-up or application fees – no start up fees, tailored CCP solutions
  • Free virtual terminal – state of the art virtual terminal free of charge
  • Dedicated account representative – have your own representative for all issues
  • Equipment leasing service – latest technology software and hardware available
  • Next day deposits – payments transferred to your account within 24 hours
  • New business cash advance – for qualifying merchants
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