Square POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2023]

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Key Features

  • Manage Inventory 
  • Set processing rates
  • Payroll System



Square Pricing structure will automatically deduct a standard 2.75% from every swiped transaction and 3.5% plus 15 cents from every keyed in payment. The other standard charge is 1% which is deducted from each deposit. You will receive a Magstrip reader free and if you do not need any extras this is the amount you can expect to pay. The Point of Sale app and the Analytics and sales reporting are also included. Extra charges will come into effect when you want to upgrade your chip reader which will be $29 and for a contactless chip reader $49. There are a number of extras that  you can purchase online from Square which include gift cards, Square Appointments app, Employee management and payroll, Email marketing and much more.

Things To Note

Square is a rated mobile POS which is free and has a lot of features that help to manage your business effortlessly and efficiently. The only negative points are that in some cases they have withheld funds from deposits for extended periods of time.

This normally happens when there is some sort of dispute. As Square is open to anyone, the company has to take steps to ensure that all transactions are above board, and in some cases they will also terminate accounts that they feel are a risk factor.

You might inadvertently get caught in the cross fire. This does not happen often, but it can occur. With their new virtual terminal that also supports recurring payments and all the amazing features this software has to offer, you cannot dispute that this free mobile POS is hard to beat.

In A Nutshell

This system is designed to run from a tablet or smartphone, on the go, or in store. With Square you can spend more time with your customers and let the system provide you with digital receipts, inventory and sales reports. Valuable information will be at your fingertips and you can access these reports from any device and from any location.

With all the added features that you can add on (at a price) Square is a powerful program that will make it easier for you to manage your business. Square provides free updates, constantly improving their software so that you can run your business effortlessly.

Square is considered to be the best free mobile processing solution for small to medium size businesses. With no contracts and predictable monthly fees per transaction you will only pay the set percentages with no surprise costs. However, it is possible to add features to this system for an extra fee, this will depend on whether you deem it necessary for your type of business. Square offers a free 30 trial, so you can try out the extra features before committing to a monthly fee.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Square POS Pros & Cons:

What exactly does Square offer? Apart from the payment processing, which has to be done through their software, you have the added advantage of being able to import hundreds of products through their CSV spreadsheets. This is an added bonus when you want to add items into your inventory. Once you have added all your stock into the program, you will be able to access reports on any item to check availability. All items sold are automatically deducted from your inventory so you will always have a real-time picture of exactly what you have in stock. The inventory feature is a huge advantage as it also sends out alerts via email when you are running low on stock. The Square Dashboard and the Point of Sales app will allow you to manage quantities and prices easily. Barcode scanning is also possible and taxes can also be set to be added automatically. It is a fact that most inventory management reports can only be accessed from an iPad app or online and this is due to the volume of data which is not suitable to view on a smartphone.

For the foodservice industry, customers have a choice on digital or printed receipts. You can open tickets and split bills as needed and payments can be processed in multiple ways. For this industry you can add an API which will allow you to customize the software according to your business’s needs. There are choices in-app integrations, like accounting packages and staff management for you to choose from. There will be an extra charge for some of the integrated packages but they are reasonably priced and could prove to be very beneficial for managing your business the correct way. Customer management and advanced analytics are also part of the features that are available for the food service businesses.

Square POS is by far superior to most mobile processing systems available today. With its back end features and excellent payment processing system they are hard to beat. It is also worth noting that you have to use their payment processing system in order to be able to use the Square POS, this is how they make their money and that is why they can offer it free to you.


Square offers an eCommerce online ordering platform which can help you integrate your own website or you can purchase a template online which will also offer you free hosting. This template is designed to integrate automatically with the Square Register. If you want to customize your website and shopping cart you can use the API developer at no extra charge. For restaurants, Square supports online ordering as long as there is no delivery and the customers pick up their orders.

Square Invoicing 

When it comes to invoicing, Square offers a basic invoicing system which is adequate for smaller businesses. Be aware that it does not integrate with Square’s inventory system, which basically means that you will physically have to remove the items sold from the inventory system in order for your inventory to be correctly balanced.  Another feature that is quite popular is the Square Feedback which allows customers to leave comments directly for your eyes only. This is great for managing problems that might occur and this system will also allow you to issue refunds or gift coupons if needed as long as the customers have paid with their card, and it is not a cash transaction. Square Feedback is best used together with the Customer management app.

The Square Dashboard 

With Square’s customizable dashboard you can decide what you want to be displayed by dragging the different widgets and placing them according to your preferences. Square also has a remarkably advanced reporting capability that can rival some of the more expensive POS software. You can pull reports based on date, by the hour or even monthly from any internet connected device. You will also have access to Email marketing which can be used for sending out newsletters, special offers, and messages to your customers.

For those who operate businesses that need to set up appointments, Square has an appointment setting software for a small extra charge that you can integrate with your customer database. This is great for Salons, Spas, and offices in general. Loyalty and Reward programs can also be installed which will enable you to give your customer digital punch cards.

Square Payroll Integration

Employment management and payroll are another extra that you can add to your Square system which will save you a lot of time and effort. Being able to take your employees records from the clock in and out and utilizing this information to instantly work out their pay including taxes and other deductions as a set, is a huge benefit. You can also make direct payments to your employee’s bank accounts.

What are your hardware requirements when using Square? If you will be running your Square Register from an Apple device you will need IOS 8 or later. Square is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with some features being exclusive to iPad. For Android users, you must have a 4 or higher with GPS and Google Play enabled. Other hardware requirements can be purchased separately from Square online.

There are over 2 million businesses using Square today, this could be one of the reasons that their support system is a bit lacking at times. You can message them on Facebook or Twitter or send them an email. Phone support is said to be available for 12 hours a day. 

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