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Key Features

  • Patented Material 
  • Superior Clarity and Comfort
  • Faster Treatment
  • 22 hours/day
  • Switching Aligners Every Two Weeks
  • Professional Care Access
  • 2U Guarentee for Life



2USmiles offers a variety of payment plans, with monthly installments or one-time payment, based on customers’ preferences and needs

Things To Note

Order Your Impression Kit

We will send you an impression kit with instructions, so you can take an impression of your teeth from the comfort of your home. Mail it back to us using the pre-paid label. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.


Reviewed By An Orthodontic Specialist

An orthodontic specialist will review your case and determine if you are a good fit for 2Usmiles clear aligners. If you are not, you will be fully refunded.


Affordable Payment Options

Choose between two of our treatment packages and place your order online, paying the entire payment or monthly payments (2UPay) at your convenience.


Customize Treatment Plan

Our professional orthodontic team will create a unique treatment plan and project your new smile with a 3D model, displaying every step and time frame.


See The Difference

No office visits required! Everything you need for your 2Usmiles treatment is mailed to your doorstep all at once. Your dentist will remotely give you all the instructions and take care of your teeth throughout the progress.


2Usmiles For Whiter Teeth

You will also receive a free whitening kit along with our clear aligners. 2Usmiles covers everything you need for the perfect smile.


Medical Grade Retainers

Log in to your account and upload your progress photo taken by mobile device every four weeks, our ortho team will keep track of your alignment journey and make sure the result is as promised.

In A Nutshell

2Usmile is 100% committed not just to delivering great outcomes, but to making sure you feel cared for throughout the process. That’s why we offer something that other companies don’t: remote monitoring by an orthodontic specialist. The same specialist who designs and prescribes your treatment plan will track your progress with scans you take from your phone. You won’t have to worry how everything is going, because your orthodontic team will be able to keep tabs on your treatment from where ever you are.

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