The US’s Happiest Workforces

We generally think that the people who are the happiest in their jobs are likely to be those who earn the most, or have the shortest commute. But there are plenty of other factors that influence a happy workforce, so we thought we’d dig a little bit deeper.

So which US state has the happiest workforce? Which has the most engaged employees?

Which States Have the Happiest Workforces?

1. Montana

Montana has the US’s happiest workforce. Their position is influenced by them scoring relatively well across the board, having one of the lowest commute times, one of the lowest effective tax rates, and only just missing out on the top ten for unemployment rate and hours worked. 

2. North Dakota

North Dakota takes second place on the list of happy workforces, and they also have the lowest unemployment rate of all of the US states.

3. Utah

Utah came third overall and clocked the lowest number of hours worked of any state. They also have a low unemployment rate, as well as a relatively low effective tax rate.

See the rest of the top 10 for yourself, below:

And here’s how the whole of the US stacks up: