8x8 Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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Key Features

  • Easy connection and administration
  • Complete cloud based communication system
  • Mobile Apps and latest technology
  • Secure & Reliable telecommunications
  • Telecommunications on the go
  • Easy to modify and customize
  • Unlimited calling
  • Expanding International calling


8×8 offers virtual office edition servicing plans. There are 3 packages the X2 Edition which is $25 per month per user, the X5 Edition which is $35 per month per user and the X8 Edition which is $55 per month per user. International calls can be made in all editions starting with 14 countries for the X2, 32 countries for the X5 and 46 countries with the x5 edition. You will be allowed unlimited calls to the countries that are included in your contract.

Things To Note

8×8 is a complete cloud based telephone system that is powerful, up to date with the latest technology and easy to use. The system offers cloud phone systems which feature mobile apps, messaging and collaboration with easy to set modifications for viewing reports at anytime from anywhere. 8×8 can supply you with modern and high tech smartphones, tablets and desktop apps that will allow you full access to all telecommunications on the go. 8×8 allows you to make unlimited call, and communicate with customers in up to 46 countries with automatic answering and route call management. You can even set an automated receptionist to answer all your incoming calls. 8×8 offers the best solution for companies with call centers by managing inbound and outbound calls so that your employees spend less time with customers. The advantage of unifying all your employees under one phone system in single or multiple locations is tremendous, especially when this system can work through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets from office, home or on the go.

In A Nutshell

8×8 keeps a professional approach to telecommunications and you can also project a big company image with music on hold, auto attendant, web conferencing and video meetings. It is quite possible that you will be able to cut your monthly telephone bill by half with the cost effective 8×8 cloud based telecommunication system. Staying connected while on the move with mobile apps and the ability to access companywide extension dialing with advanced call forwarding and voicemail to email, is a huge advantage. 8×8 allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls for better customer and employee control. You will also be able to connect with their Virtual Office Editions on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Web based analytics and reports can be accessed at anytime from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can even customize web based reports to fit in with your type of business with easy configurations without the help of a full time IT professional. Uptime with 8×8 is extremely reliable and you can bank on having connectivity 99.999% of the time, even in emergency situations.

With 8×8 you will have unlimited, free International calling with global reach. Faxes can be sent through your desktop or Mobile and you can receive or send documents from anywhere. You will also have the capability of securing strong voice encryption and keeping conversations private. 8×8 offers one system that is integrated for fast and reliable customer and employee interactions. With only one platform to manage, all users, apps and modes of communication can be kept together for efficient data capturing and analysis from every connection. 8×8 offers diverse plans that you can mix and match according to your business’ needs. Open integration with business apps and user modes can be connected to offer security compliant telecommunication throughout your company. Maintain 100% auditability and have the ability to view reports on all communications within your company employees and customers, at anytime from anywhere.

The basic requirements for excellent communications are cloud based, low cost communications with high quality voice and video. It is also important to have instant accessibility through the internet at all times through 8×8 reliable uptime. You must be able to communicate messages to your team at all times and also be able to connect calls efficiently with the right employee or colleague. With 8×8 virtual Contact Center you will be able to have all your communications under one vendor which will streamline your business and optimize your workforce with advanced phone services and unified communications. This will reflect on your customers who will undoubtedly have a better experience when they can reach the right person in record time. Customer satisfaction can also be boosted if you use preferred communication channels. You can create highly personalized customer interactions by integrating all their CRM information. 8×8 offers extremely powerful and flexible cloud based call center software which is quick to set up and easy to use. The Virtual Contact Center amplifies the power of integrated software like NetSuite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Zandesk. It is possible for agents in call centers to be able to see customer history before they even pick up the phone, which will have them well informed and able to communicate on a more personal level with your customers. These high performance combinations will allow you to increase customer loyalty and increase sales. Keeping track of how your employees are doing is possible with easy to understand reports that will give you a detailed analysis of how they are doing. Automated dialing features maximize sales and the productivity of your staff. Scalable solutions are available and it is fairly simple to add new devices as your company grows.

8×8 is suitable for small, mid-market and big enterprises within the Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Law firms, Education, Transportation and Sales and Marketing sectors amongst others. Whatever the size of these businesses are, 8×8 will unify cloud communications and bring all employees together under one unified system. Your employees will be able to communicate easily from anywhere on any device via IM to voice or video to web conferencing. There are no on premises equipment requirements, which eliminates the need for constant maintenance. Management and employees can take their office number anywhere on any device not missing out on any important communications. You will be able to use smartphones, tablets or computers to keep productive on the go. Easy transition from voice calls to chats and document sharing with a single click is a huge advantage that will save you time and money. Keep everyone informed of important notices through the unified cloud communications system. Not having to switch between vendors will make your communications more effective and your customers will be serviced quickly and efficiently.

Real time analytics are essential to keep track of what calls are made and their duration. Being able to record all communications is another tool that will help you keep track of exactly what transpires between your employees and your customers. 8×8 integrates with CRM and other business applications so that you can have all your customers’ information on hand. No matter how large your business grows, with 8×8 it is a simple procedure to scale up and add new units.

8 X 8 Best Features

  • Easy connection and administration – no on premises equipment
  • Complete cloud based communication system – unified audio and video calls
  • Mobile Apps and latest technology –use high tech smartphones and tablets
  • Secure & Reliable telecommunications – uptime over 99%
  • Telecommunications on the go – use smartphones or tablets externally
  • Easy to modify and customize – set up phone system easily
  • Unlimited calling – worldwide to countries in your contract
  • Expanding International calling – can communicate with over 46 countries
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