Progressive Business Insurance

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Key Features

  • Customizable policies
  • Focus on small business coverage
  • Strong commercial auto coverage
  • 24 separate commercial auto packages
  • Strong general liability coverage
  • Online quotes and bill payments
  • 24/7 claims and customer support
  • Very strong ratings from A.M. & Moody


Progressive offers a wide range of pricing options. Your exact rate will be determined by the policy you end up buying. The typical range is $22 to over $180 per month, which is standard in the business insurance industry.

Relative to other business insurance providers, you get the most value for your money if you choose Progressive for their commercial auto coverage. It’s impossible to state definitively that you’ll get a better or worse rate at Progressive. As always, you’ll get a better rate if you shop around for the policies that best suit your individual business needs. You can also save more by taking advantage of any available discounts.

Things To Note

You should note that Progressive’s greatest strength is insuring businesses that rely on driving and deliveries. The company offers a lot of support for damage to property and personal injury resulting from vehicular accidents. They have the financial strength to cover you in the case of costly accidents as well. So, when it comes to commercial auto coverage, Progressive has no equal.

If you don’t manage any vehicles for strictly business purposes, you’ll have less to gain from a policy with Progressive. All the same, they offer several general liability packages.

You should also note that there are many opportunities to gain discounts on Progressive policies. You can get a discount for bundling commercial coverage with general liability coverage. You can also use one of several discount options to get a better rate on their commercial auto policies.

In A Nutshell

Progressive is a great insurance company for small businesses that rely on their vehicles. The company offers a wide range of coverage options that you can choose from or bundle together to get a more well-rounded rate.

The company is available to help its customers with their claims and other worries 24/7. They don’t offer too many unique features overall, but their focus on commercial auto coverage makes them impossible to beat if one of your top worries is vehicular accidents or damage at work.


You can sign up with Progressive for just one of their commercial auto policies. Alternatively, you can get yourself coverage for general liabilities as well as all commercial auto coverage.

Progressive doesn’t offer the most customization of all the business insurance providers. However, they do offer enough customization to appeal to most small business owners.

Commercial Auto Coverage Options

This is where Progressive truly shines. Progressive offers many commercial auto packages that handle all kinds of liabilities. Small businesses use a wide array of vehicles for their business needs. In turn, Progressive offers a wide array of coverage for commercial automobiles.

Progressive’s commercial auto insurance packages include liability protection, as well as vehicle protection, driver protection, and even tow-specific coverage. They also cover fire and theft, among many other unfortunate events. There are also several forms of protection specifically for trucks. Progressive covers most of the potential trouble your business could find itself in involving your commercial vehicles and their operators.

This is also the only type of business insurance that Progressive underwrites itself. You can customize your commercial auto coverage to your liking to make sure you get the exact coverage that you need.

Multiple Discount Opportunities

Progressive offers a discount for bundling general liability insurance with commercial auto insurance. They also offer multiple commercial auto insurance discounts. They even offer specific rewards for experienced drivers! If you want to sign up for a Progressive insurance policy, try looking at all the discounts they offer and see if you can get a better rate.

The Problems: Third-Party Underwriters & Big Business Shortcomings

There are two main problems with Progressive’s business insurance. The first is that their general liability policies are underwritten by a third-party insurer, not Progressive. These other insurers signed up through the company’s Progressive Commercial AdvantageSM program. This means that you should be aware of who you’re dealing with when you find a policy through this program.

Lastly, Progressive is not well-suited for insuring big businesses. The scope of what they offer is limited when it comes to the needs of more complex organizations. That being said, their policies are more than comprehensive enough to cover the needs of small businesses.

The Final Word

Progressive may fall short in some areas, but it stands out from its competition in several meaningful ways. The excellent commercial auto coverage they offer is enough to make them stand out to certain businesses. They also offer considerable discounts in many cases. Their claims process is also solid. When you top this all off with their very high financial ratings, Progressive is a formidable small business insurance provider.

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