Vonage Review, Features & Pricing

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  • Easy SetUp
  • 24/7 Support

Key Features

  • Strategic technology alliances
  • Unified communications platform
  • Conferencing tools
  • Reliable uptime
  • Simple and quick set up
  • Alliances with top industry platforms
  • Customize business communications
  • High-quality voice, point to point video, and messaging
  • Integrate your business apps with your office phones


Vonage offers month to month contracts and they have 3 packages. The first one is the Mobile package which is $19.99 per month, the second is the Premium package that costs $29.99 per month and the Advanced that is $39.99 per month. These charges are per user and do not include taxes and fees. Vonage offers a 14 day trial period if you want to try the system out before you purchase. To see all the details of what is offered with each package visit Vonage site for more in depth information.

Things To Note

Vonage offers Enterprise grade unified communications to all sizes and types of business. You can join their hybrid network or bring in your own broadband options with SD-WAN and upgrade to an elevated voice, video and data communication system. Vonage offers advanced features with conferencing facilities for up to 300 people. They offer reliable solutions for multi-site contact centres with inbound and outbound communications and offer a dedicated service team to make the transition easy.

Productivity is increased with the use of Vonage Cloud based communications with their easy to use interface. Vonage offers expertise that guarantees high quality service across all network connections. The whole system is user friendly, easy to set up and intuitive to use. Whether you need to simply upgrade or install a new communication system, Vonage has the know-how with their experienced service technicians to help you get started almost immediately. Vonage is one of the best known Voice-over IP (VoIP) and it is considered to be reasonably priced. The addition of mobile apps turns your phone into a virtual extension that does not use mobile minutes making this system attractive for smartphone users.

In A Nutshell

Vonage makes it possible to unify communications and elevate your business by integrating all voice, video, conferencing, business apps, chats, and contact centers and making them all accessible through any device at any time. They offer one of the US’s largest purpose-built MPLS networks with their cloud-based business communication platforms. Their reliable cloud hosting maximizes uptime and your business can keep on running normally even during emergencies. Their customer support is available 24/7 even on weekends and holidays to ensure the quality of service.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Moving your communications system to the Cloud makes it easier to start a new office, upgrade your business phone system, enhance business communications, start a call center and integrate with existing business applications. Vonage communications systems makes it possible to connect virtual teams and offices instantly which will bring all your communications and transactions under one comprehensive umbrella. Whether you are starting a new office or call center with multiple locations, Vonage cloud systems have the technology to streamline all your calls, messages and video calls. You will be able to set up web and audio conferencing from all locations quickly and efficiently. With the mobile and desktop apps you can make and receive calls from anywhere at any time. This scalable solution to your business communications also allow you to scale up or down whenever necessary.

Vonage cloud based communications is suitable for all types of business. Law firms and other professional services are making use of this system to improve efficiency and productivity. Flexible and scalable mobile communications are essential for professional businesses. Being able to receive calls from a desk phone, computer or mobile phone at any time is important for businesses in the service industry. Your smartphone can be turned into an extension of your work phone system while you are on the go and you will have immediate access to your voice mail and messages. Reliable cloud hosting and backup features will keep your business running without any interruptions.

Unified communications offered through the Cloud based Vonage system will enhance the quality of your interoffice and external communications with SmartWAN technologies or a hybrid. These scalable solutions are designed to grow with your business and adding more units is easy and affordable. Vonage integrates well with most industry specific software like Clio which is used in many law firms. Mobile integrated conferences allows you to dial into a conference from your desktop, smartphone or tablet and it is designed to make it easier and more efficient to communicate with your colleagues and customers. For reliable online conferencing, Vonage integrates with Amazon Chime for enterprises who need a one click smartphone connection.

For big financial institutions, Vonage offers enhanced quality in communications through MPLS and SD-WAN technologies or hybrid solutions. Many financial institutions and businesses have streamlined their communications by joining Vonage without having to pay huge costs to change their internal infrastructure and servers. If you bring in your own broadband services you can upgrade to Vonage with minimal startup costs. For financial institutions, Vonage integrates with software like Salesforce and G Suite. Vonage offers Cloud privacy and protection measures are in place with compliance certifications in all fields.

It does not matter what type of business you have or whether you are a small to medium size establishment or a large enterprise, Vonage has the best telecommunication system for you. They offer over 40 features that you can use to streamline their services to suit your needs and they can integrate with most business applications in use. Whether you are in the Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Accounting or Marketing industry, Vonage offers the ideal solution to cover all the essential communication requirements needed to run your business efficiently and cost effectively. Vonage is compliant with most industry certifications to ensure the safety and integrity of your business.  Vonage offers 24/7 customer service support and they have an IT team that is available to help you connect to their system. With maximum uptime and reliable cloud hosting backup features, your business will keep on working even during emergencies. Vonage also offers marketing and communication tools that will facilitate keeping track of activities and duration of calls and messages in your offices or in multiple locations.

Hardware offered through Vonage are the VoIP business phone system and Polycom Panasonic Softphones. Software integrations include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Zandesk, Google Suite, Bullhorn, Clio, NetSuite and JobDiva amongst others. Innovative organizational tools will help your staff perform at a higher level with exceptional APIs.

Vonage also offers a reliable residential VoIP service that is of superior quality, portable and easy to use. Their award winning system is also suitable for home and they offer the same service and customer support to individuals.

Vonage Best Features

  • Strategic technology alliances – integrates with all business software
  • Unified communications platform – voice, message, video and conferencing
  • Conferencing tools – can be used with up to 300 people in conference
  • Reliable uptime – cloud based communications online 99.99%
  • Simple and quick set up- upgrade or new, easy to set up and use
  • Customize communications – suitable for all types of businesses or services
  • High-quality voice, point to point video, and messaging – superior quality acoustics
  • Integrate apps and office phones – compatible with most business apps
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