Ringcentral VoIP Review, Features & Pricing

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Key Features

  • Cloud based telephone system
  • End-to-end monitoring
  • Real-time system information
  • Disaster recovery
  • Top industry security rating
  • Infrastructure safeguards
  • Top of the range desktop phones
  • Communicate on any device
  • Audio and visual communications
  • Cost effective monthly payments
  • Technical and Customer support


RingCentral offer 4 pricing preferences based on the amount of users. The ESSENTIAL package covers up to 10 users and costs start from $19.99 per month. For unlimited users, the STANDARD costs start from $24.99 per month, the PREMIUM $34.99 per month and the ULTIMATE from $49.99 per month. Prices quoted are per unit and for 10,000 users or over you would need to contact them for a quote. Pay annually and save up to 33%. RingCentral offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Things To Note

With RingCentral, availability remains at peak level due to their distributed network in every location they serve. Virtually no communications downtime is possible even with power outages, natural disasters or malicious network attacks. RingCentral monitors end to end performance of their network to ensure KPIs quality metrics.

With RingCentral you can get local numbers and communicate across 80+ countries through your internet connection. Affordable pricing and scalable solutions make RingCentral a versatile and secure system that is suitable for all types of businesses, whatever the size. It is cost effective and efficient to have one provider that can manage all your communications needs through multiple devices. The huge advantage is that you can connect anytime, anywhere with mobile and desktop applications

In A Nutshell

RingCentral offers top of the range technology with a one stop cloud based solution for all your businesses communications requirements. It is as simple as plugging IP desk phones and your computer into your internet connection and installing the RingCentral mobile app on your employee’s smartphones. Secure voice, text, fax audio and video conferencing at all your locations under one umbrella will ensure that your employees work more efficiently by collaborating and communicating from anywhere in real time.

Stringent, multi layers of security measures are in place at every level for your peace on mind. Real time disaster recovery is possible as RingCentral can switch over from one data center to another allowing you to operate without any interruptions.

Let’s Dive Deeper

RingCentral places security as their top priority. Interception of your businesses communications is prevented by Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption between all endpoints. These measures will cover your desk phones, conference phones, the RingCentral mobile app, and RingCentral for Desktop. With seven layers of security including infrastructure security which uses firewalls and border controllers with multiple authentication levels, RingCentral offers you one of the most secure telecommunications systems available today. Toll fraud is prevented through access control while giving you control of who can make international calls and where. Global security monitors will detect misuse and fraudulent charges. With all these security measures in place it is not surprising that RingCentral received top security ratings from AICPA, TRUSTe, and Skyhigh.

Even though there are so many outstanding features that can be used, RingCentral is relatively simple to setup and use. Once connected you will be able to communicate with any device including smartphones and tablets to any location. Essential apps are available for you to create and streamline your communications to help efficiency and productivity in your business. You will also be able to change settings and consolidate your systems on the go through the open platform which allows integration with most business apps. RingCentral offers over 50 features that you can utilize including team messaging, sms and video conferencing. They also offer scalable solutions that allows you to grow and increase your communication units whenever necessary.

If you need to purchase hardware, RingCentral offers the best quality desktop VoIP phones that will integrate easily with their apps. There are a number of excellent phones to choose from including the Cisco IP phone and Polycom SIP phones. Call processing features on these phones include call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding and much more. Once all the hardware is in place the transition to the cloud can be done immediately without any hassles. You will be guided through the process by a RingCentral implementation specialist who will assist you in connecting all your office locations and remote workers. High definition video conferencing between all your employees is another valuable feature that is sure to help you save time and money. Being able to work face to face through video conferencing with colleagues and customers globally is a huge plus. Effective real-time messaging, video calling, file sharing and other tasks can be executed instantly and effectively building good relations across the board. RingCentral was built as an open platform and can easily be integrated with leading business applications. Communications data accumulated through these integrations will give you valuable information that will help you run your business more effectively and efficiently.

Account representatives will give advice on how to streamline your business and you can use existing IP phones or purchase or rent phones directly from RingCentral at reasonable prices. Your entire central phone system can be managed from your desktop or smart devices from any location through the cloud. The RingCentral apps offer user friendly interface that makes it easy to change users, manage extensions and assign phones. Global companies can allocate local numbers in areas of choice or use one toll-free international number on a global scale. Analysis of communications data in real time is also invaluable in providing information on how your business is doing. Direct access to your data can be closely monitored to improve productivity and efficiency.

With all the features offered you would assume that the RingCentral apps and phone system are complicated to use. Their user friendly design can be configured in minutes and with a little bit of training through webinars and FAQ’s on their website or with the help of their installation technicians you will be able to master using this system easily.

Ring Central Best Features

  • Cloud based telephone system – desktop and smart devices
  • Real-time system information – monitor communications for data
  • Disaster recovery – guaranteed uptime even during emergencies
  • Top industry security rating – award winning security measures
  • Infrastructure safeguards – End to end security in place
  • Top of the range desktop phones – rent or buy phones
  • Communicate on any device – desktop, smartphones, tablets
  • Audio and visual communications – message, text, audio and video conferencing
  • Cost effective monthly payments – one monthly payment charge per user
  • Technical and Customer support – set up and maintenance support
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