Gusto Payroll Service Review, Features & Pricing [2023]

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  • Time and Attendance
  • Staff Management
  • HR and Recruiting
  • Calculate Taxes
  • Easy SetUp
  • Mobile Friendly

Key Features

  • Direct deposit
  • Workers’ comp administration
  • Automatic payroll tax filings
  • Off-cycle and bonus payrolls
  • Multiple states
  • Expedited payrolls
  • Tax form amendments
  • Online employee setup
  • Calendar Integrations
  • Time tracking and accounting


Please note that Gusto now offers a huge discount on their Core Plan at only $19 base price per month plus $6 per person per month. This is for a limited time only special offer and is meant to support businesses navigating COVID-19.

Gusto offers 3 main payment packages. The first one is the Concierge which is $12 per employee plus $149 monthly. This plan includes full service payroll services, employee self-service and profiles, health benefits and Workers’ Comp administration, dedicated support, time tracking, directory and surveys. The Complete Plan offers better HR tools and is $12 per employee plus $39 per month. This offers everything from the Concierge plan minus certified HR Pros and resource center.

The easiest and simplest plan is the Core plan which only costs $6 per employee and $39 per month. This is the simplest plan that offers basic payroll services. Add extra benefits like 401(k) s, FSAs, and more, to any plan as well as employee benefits and insurance. Integrated retirement plans start at $8 per participant with a $40 per month minimum and a $500 set up fee. Pay as you go, workers compensation integrates with your payroll.

Gusto also introduced a new Contractors Plan. This is solely for independent contractors who wish to implement a modern approach to payroll and employees. Using this plan will simplify the procedure and help Contractors deal with the complexity of payments and taxes. Independent contractors can be paid by direct deposit and all expenses will be automatically updated through the Gusto software for easy access at year end. The cost for this plan is $0 per month and you only pay $6 per person per month for access to the software. This plan includes unlimited contractor payments, contractors self-service and the creation and filing of form 1099 for the IRS. Extra benefits like 401 (k), FSA, health benefits and more can be added to the plan.  Workers’ Comp can be added through AP Intego in order to integrate payroll.

Things To Note

With Gusto you can simplify how you work out your employees’ salaries or wages. Time tracking and the ability to work out paid time off as well as time off requests, paid holidays etc. are done and synced with a calendar and the payroll, so that you can keep track. For complicated time tracking, Gusto integrates with popular time tracking apps that will meet your needs.

You can also follow your state’s sick time laws and make the correct deductions. Giving your employees time off is a simple matter of approving their request and syncing to calendar and payroll automatically. Holiday leave can be customized and automatically approved and populated as default time off. Popular calendar integrations are Google, Outlook and iCal.

In A Nutshell

Gusto payroll services automatically calculates your employees’ wages and tracks time off and overtime. Deductions are made for state and federal taxes as well as for benefits and other deductions according to state laws or company policies. Files are then automatically filed for future reference.

Gusto syncs your payroll with time tracking, accounting software and workers comp, benefits and HR. Automatic calculations are done in all 50 states for taxes with W-2s and 1099s that can be accessed by employees. Automatically syncing with your accounting software, will keep your expenses up to date. Mandated federal forms are automatically sent to the state, once your employees enter their information.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Gusto has partnered with AP Intego for Workers’ Comp Insurance. The amount owed for each pay period is automatically deducted and paid, to avoid data errors and costly audits. Gusto is a scalable solution the uses technology to make payroll easier. With your account, you can handle benefits and advanced HR tools. Gusto eliminates the need for manual filling of federal and state payroll taxes. Everything is scheduled and done automatically. Direct deposits into your employees’ personal accounts is just a matter of a few clicks from desktop or mobile.

Updating employee information can be done by your employees directly into the software so that their records remain up to date. You can also set up the payroll to run automatically on scheduled dates. Choosing the right benefits packages for your employees is made easy with Gusto. You can offer health benefit and select a package through your licensed broker who can assist in finding the right benefits package for your employees. Essential health benefits and health insurance plans will be synced with your payroll. With benefits and payroll in sync, your deductions are calculated automatically. Gusto works with more than 100 carriers offering thousands of plans at different prices. Once you choose the right one for your company, Gusto will integrate it into your payroll.

Gusto has partnered with Guidelines to offer full service 401 (k) plans in all 50 states. Employers pay a flat fee and employees pay fund expenses. You can also offer your employees commuter benefits which will make commuting more affordable, by offering tax-free contributions. Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts allow your employees to get tax savings when covering care for their dependents. Life and disability insurance can also be offered as a safety net for the unexpected. Through the software, employees will have their own accounts to manage their benefits.

Gusto gives top priority to compliance and their operations are all ACA, ERISA, and HIPAA compliant. They also handle COBRA requirements for employees that leave your company. New employees are added to the system easily with all the choices of benefits in place. New contracts are handled online with signatures on forms and contracts. Managing your team is easier online without emails and spreadsheets. HR is integrated with Gusto payroll which makes it easier to keep your employee data in sync. Having all your employees’ details in one place, with secured encryption, allows you to have easy access to all their information.

Apart from excellent customer service, Gusto gives you easy access to professional guides in a comprehensive HR resource center. Innovative technology will help you with the day to day requirements for a happy and productive workforce.

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