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Revel is a cloud based point of sales system that is suitable for all types of businesses. The integrated operations are all controlled from a single dashboard with the capability of inventory management and much more. Square offers mobile processing solutions with an advanced iPad POS. Both are cloud based solutions, but with Revel you pay a monthly subscription for each terminal and with Square you only pay a percentage of each transaction amount. Neither company requires a long term contract but upfront costs are included with Square whereas Revel charges additional fees for hardware, credit card transactions and premium support. You can purchase peripheral equipment kits through Revel or ShopKeep. ShopKeep is better suited for small- to medium-sized businesses whereas Revel is better for larger enterprises. Both Revel Systems and ShopKeep offer advanced register features for a “mobile” point-of-sale, allowing you to accept just about any kind of payment. Revel offers more advanced management features and ShopKeep is easier to set up and use. Revel offers 24/7 phone support and Square only offers support during regular business hours.

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Revel systems have broad appeal, especially in the restaurant industry. With a large global presences and support offices in Europe, Canada, Australia and the U.S., a Revel POS system is a fully customizable option for restaurants and small retail establishments with a myriad of features and excellent resources for employee onboarding and training. Take a look at the Comparisun in-depth Revel systems review to decide whether this POS is the right choice for your business. The Revel POS system does come with a few caveats – the service contract is lengthy and there is no free trial; you’ll also have to use Revel hardware to ensure compatibility of the system. It is only compatible with iOS devices, but the number of additional features supported by the company make this an attractive choice for many business owners. Employee and inventory management make the Revel POS system a robust omnichannel POS solution for many businesses.

ShopKeep is a cloud-based point of sale system that provides a full-service POS solution. It is a dedicated iPad POS system which is a great added value for many small business owners as the range of features is impressive. With Shopkeep you can process a payment with the merchant account or pick your own, which is another great value. Pricing is mentioned in a ShopKeep POS review and as the company offer plans starting from as low as $69 per month, you can get a custom price to ensure you get all the features that your business requires. One of the biggest advantages of ShopKeep pricing is the lack of a lengthy contract which makes it an attractive option for business owners. Take a look at the Comparisun detailed and accurate review of ShopKeep POS features, pricing and reviews before making a decision.

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Revel is one of the few POS systems that does not advertise its prices online. It is clearly stated that they will get a price from one of their sales experts. It does however give you the choice to choose your own credit card processing company. They prefer you order your hardware from them so as to be sure that it is compatible with their software. The one drawback that many have complained about is the lengthy contract you have to sign with Revel Systems. From reports online it seems that the starting price for this service is $139 per month which is just the bare minimum.

When it comes to pricing, ShopKeep offers a monthly subscription payment starting from $69 a month. In order to get a best price you should request a quote according to your requirements. The cost would depend on how large your business is, how many locations you have and what hardware you would require.

ShopKeep technology works with mobile devices or server based POS systems. They are able to supply check out stations, touch screens, barcode scanners, printers and any other hardware you might need. ShopKeep software has an easy, no contract, payment system which includes a guaranteed low integrated payment processing rate.

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