Revel POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2024]

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Key Features

  • Inventory Management 

Track your inventory even at ingredients level so that you know what stock you have in real time. Set alerts to warn you when items are at a certain level so you can reorder.

  • Employee Management

Manage all aspects needed with employees, clock in and out capabilities and schedules.

  • Real Time Reports

Sales reports, inventory reports and labor management reports can be viewed at any time and are always up to date.

  • Online Ordering

Customers have the capability of ordering online through your website or its custom commerce app.

  • Revel Manager Portal.

Management can give permission to employees, according to their rank, to access parts of the software that are relevant to their positon.


Revel is one of the few POS systems that does not advertise its prices online. It is clearly stated that they will get a price from one of their sales experts. It does however give you the choice to choose your own credit card processing company. They prefer you order your hardware from them so as to be sure that it is compatible with their software. The one drawback that many have complained about is the lengthy contract you have to sign with Revel Systems. From reports online it seems that the starting price for this service is $139 per month which is just the bare minimum.

Things To Note

  • Revel POS system is limited to iOS devices which can be a bit restricting
  • On the kiosk menu customers do not have the choice of choosing between dine in or take out
  • The company does not advertise their prices and expect you to sign a lengthy contract when you sign up

In A Nutshell

The Revel POS system is an attractive display which sits on the counter and it has an easy to use interface which is not difficult for your employees to learn. This system is a great choice if you are looking for an omnichannel point of sales system. Full of impressive features the Revel POS system can be partnered with compatible software for employee management and accounts.

Revel comes highly rated as a fully comprehensive POS and management system with the only drawback being that the company does not advertise their prices and they require you to sign a lengthy contract. Being an omnichannel platform, Revel POS systems can be used by businesses of any type and size. With worldwide distribution, Revel POS systems offers a selection of features and options that are sure to impress.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Revel Systems is now owned by a private equity firm, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stow. The company was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. With over 250 employees, and offices in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Singapore and Lithuania, Revel Systems has grown in leaps and bounds and is one of the most popular POS systems worldwide. Revel Systems has numerous configurations and an attractive interface which can be customized for any type of retail business.

Revel has made an impressive effort to give options with regards to the type of business you have by creating software suitable for many different types of retail stores and restaurants. Revel Systems hardware which include Bluetooth barcode scanners for inventory, scales and weighing prices, and even coin dispensers are all designed to work with the iPad interface. Barcodes are used for inventory and also for keeping track of custom coupons and orders.

The Always on Mode will enable you to keep your business running even when you are offline. The advanced hybrid architecture will keep your POS system running offline or on a local network. You can even process all transactions which will be queued and finalized when you are back online. The POS system handles all basic functions that is expected including payment types, voids, discounts and printing or emailing the customers receipts. Unprocessed and unpaid orders can be called up by the register so you can keep track of which orders have not been finalized.

With Revel POS systems you can manage your employees from one console by tracking productivity, creating schedules on forecasted activity, and work out their hours and wages which can be emailed directly to the employees. Passcodes and card swipes also enable employees to clock in and out directly on the POS system. This way you will be able to track overtime and at the end of the day you can export this data to your accounting software.

You can integrate with one of Revel’s partners who specialize in employee management which will give you even more control over your employees through industry specific software. QuickBooks is also available to integrate with the Revel POS system for all your accounting needs.

Food service establishments also have a table grid which makes it easy to keep track of table numbers and availability. The self-service kiosk feature allows customers to place their own orders which are sent directly to the kitchen. This is a way to reduce front of house staff and to manage orders effortlessly and without mistakes. You could even introduce a grab and go selection for customers that are in a hurry.

Loyalty programs can be tailor made for your restaurant with a reward system which will bring in loyal customers. Virtual or physical cards can be issued and a reward system based on dollars spent can be implemented to suit your type of business.

Revel Systems offer video tutorials and webinars that can train you and your staff to become efficient with their system. You will also get regular updates from Revel and the company boasts a 24/7 customer service. RevelGuard can also be added to the POS system for a price. This system automatically submits information to the Revel support team if a problem is detected.


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