Toast Restaurant POS System Review, Features & Pricing [2024]

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Key Features

  • Menu Software- Customizable menu software allows you to make changes from anywhere at any time.
  • Quick Edit Mode- Authorized staff can make quick decisions and make changes to the menu when necessary, these changes will automatically be updated in real time, on all monitors and reports.
  • Menu Reporting- Keep track of sales and create reports to show best sellers, voided or discounted meals, food cost percentages and much more, to keep track of your sales.
  • Sales Exceptions Report –Keeping track of discounts, refunds and voids and knowing who has granted them is important when evaluating your staff’s performance.
  • Mobile handheld tablets-The restaurants mobile handheld 8” tablets are used to take food orders and they are integrated with the kitchen display system which ensures the correct orders are sent immediately.
  • Kitchen Display System-Fitted with a timer to help the chefs prioritize orders, the kitchen display is also color coded so that chefs have all the information they need for an efficient and speedy service.
  • Online ordering software –Toast offers online ordering software for restaurants that take orders and do deliveries. The software is linked and in sync with all reports and analysis.


Toast has 3 pricing plans:

  • Starting at $0 a Month Plan
  • The Express which starts at $79 per month.
  • The Professional that starts at $99 per month.
  • The Enterprise which is suited for multi-location businesses like franchises, which is custom quoted.

All plans include remote install, 10” real-time sales and menu reports, offline mode, manager log book, support and unlimited updates.
If you upgrade to the professional package then you can get a larger express terminal, Kitchen Display system with analytics, food and liquor reporting and revenue driving modules.
Express terminal which will cost $610 – $899 each and Mobile tablets are around $450 each

Things To Note

If you have the Toast system there is no choice in which credit card processing company you want to use as Toast has their own secure card processing system.

Toast can process all major credit cards, checks, cash and gift cards and you can also accept payments offline.

Toast, are well known for their superior customer service, often going over and above normal standards to service their clients.

In A Nutshell

Toast comes highly rated in most reviews online as being one of the best software providers for the restaurant trade. This rating is also positive when it comes to superior customer service, as Toast delivers in every way. If you are looking for a complete restaurant management program which supplies the hardware to implement all the programs and full integration between front of house and kitchen, then this is the POS system for you.

Being able to see reports from any device in any location and keep track of what is going on in you restaurant is the key to managing all aspects of your business remotely, when necessary. Partnered with great accounting packages makes Toast a fully comprehensive managing program, because at the end of the day you can transfer all the data to your accounting package and be done with all the unnecessary paperwork. From Point of sale, to kitchen and menu organization, you can do it all with the Toast POS system.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Toast POS:

Could Toast be the POS system you need for your restaurant?

Toast offers every restaurant concept the opportunity to streamline their business for their unique set up. Their training team is on hand to customize the point of sale system, build up the menu, set up an inventory system and be available on site to implement the whole program and train your staff. Their 24/7 support system remains available to help with any problems that may arise. Toast has an online training center that you can use whenever you have any queries.

This customer hub can take questions and you and your staff can explore the training videos and interactive tutorials at any time. Updates are automatically sent to all Toast customers and you can be sure to have the latest features available. For US based customers there is a support team that will install a secure and scalable Wi-Fi network which will allow network management services to assist you with any problems 24/7. Once installed Toast will organize an onsite workshop for your staff and also customize your system and help you get through the initial period after going live.

All the hardware you could possible need is available to order from Toast. Their fully compatible tablets, printers, routers cash drawers, scanners scales and more cover the whole spectrum of whatever any restaurant could possibly need. The two way communication between the servers and the kitchen with the help of portable tablets and the kitchen display board, simplifies matters as orders are immediately sent to the kitchen and the chefs will have all the information they need to fulfill the order. Once ready they simply press a button to alert the server that the meal is ready to be served. Handheld tablets allow guests to pay, sign and tip at their table without any problems.

Data driven decisions for the restaurant can be done from any device and in any location. Being able to access sales reports, menu reports, staff activities and much more will give you a good idea of what is going on in your restaurant. You can add menu items or make changes to availability of items instantly from the tablet interface which will automatically update everyone involved without any interruption to customer service. Setting up special offers is also simple and easy to do whether this involves specific time based specials like happy hour for drinks, or selling slow moving items on the menu at discounted prices.

Toast POS system produces menu based reports which will give you a good idea of what is selling and what is not. At the same time it is integrated into the inventory management report and you will automatically know when you are out of stock of certain items, and see sales and food cost analysis side by side so you can see which items are more profitable. The integrated online ordering platform which is available on Toast makes it easy to take orders from customers through your customized website. This program can also keep track of deliveries if your restaurant offers this service.

Toast is very customer orientated and comes with a CRM, or customer relationship management system. Reports on customers can be very enlightening and these reports could give you a whole new insight into your customer’s preferences. The ability to issue physical and digital gift cards and loyalty points to your customers will also go a long way in ensuring their loyalty.

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