Highfive Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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  • Easy SetUp

Key Features

  • Stereo, spatial voice separation
  • 360 degree audio capture
  • Unlimited wireless screen projection
  • Meeting room calendar integration
  • Cloud Conferencing Software
  • Outlook & Google Calendar integration
  • Dedicated success manager

Virtual and onsite training


With Highfive you are charged per room and billed annually. The first option, which is a starter package costs $199 per month and offers 10 free user licensing and an all in one conferencing device. The second option is the Plus which costs £299 per month and offers audio by Dolby Voice and includes 25 free licenses. Lastly, the Premium which costs $599, has a 4K HDR sensor and advanced features. This option allows for 50 free user licenses. Additional user licenses are $9.99 and if you require unlimited Dial Out or Intertop Connector you would be charged and additional $49. Additional hardware can be ordered directly from their website.

Things To Note

With Highfive you get unlimited dial up numbers and minutes without having to use pin codes. This makes it simple to have a meeting with unlimited domestic and international calls. Their apps on both iOS and Android, allow you to connect with integrated high definition Dolby Voice which also eliminates background noise for superior clarity. Highfive also integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook for better scheduling and you can turn a text chat into a face to face conversation by inviting teammates from Slack and Skype for Business. Their software is designed to include your whole organization with full collaboration and unlimited video conferencing software. There are no meeting limits or usage fees

In A Nutshell

Highfive offers cloud based video conferencing and collaboration solutions that allows all employees to communicate and share information across different platforms. With just a click onto the Highfive URL you can instantly join a meeting without the need for codes or passwords. The meeting room needs to be fitted with the correct hardware so that you can power your video conferencing wirelessly, through your laptop, tablet or phone. Software that runs on the Dolby Conference Phone also allows you to control the meeting. Highfive gives you all the features required to keep the user interface clean and anyone in your organization can record meetings and participate in group chats.

Let’s Dive Deeper

The software from Highfive simplifies video conferencing and is available on the go with features like group chat, call recording, screen sharing and mobility. Whether you are in the office next door or thousands of miles away, you will be able to share documents and screen shots at any time, wirelessly.  All you need is a phone number to call into any Highfive meeting. Their software plan includes unlimited dial in numbers for users and guests anywhere in the world.

Highfive offers crystal clear HD Dolby Voice audio with background cancelling features for perfect audio regardless of where you are. The in meeting group chat allows teammates to communicate with each other and quickly switch from front to rear facing camera without stopping the conversation. Highfive offers all the features needed for successful video conferencing. This includes group chat, call recording and screen sharing and availability on any device without the need of software downloads.

Integration with calendar software from Slack, Google Calendar, Outlook and Skype makes scheduling meetings simple to organize. Inviting participants through the software of these integrations is just a click with the Highfive button. Integration, with multiple single sign on providers, makes it easy to sign into Highfive using the same secure account that you use for other business applications. Integrations are possible with G Suite, Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, Centrify, and Custom SAML 2.0.

Depending on which package you choose, you can have a dedicated success manager available for technical support. Highfive also offers virtual and onsite training for your employees. With all this new technology, it is no longer necessary to pay thousands to set up a video conference. Highfive offers an all in one, high quality video and audio conferencing software with remote screen sharing, wireless TV projection in all rooms at the fraction of the cost. With no restrictions on your employees, Highfive allows unlimited communications between offices so that everyone can video conference or share screens whenever necessary.

The hardware supplied by Highfive comes with a built in TV or wall mount with a handy level. Connection is done through three cables that connect with the TV. Their software design does not require any cables, TV inputs or remote controls. Whether you want to manage your meetings from laptops, tablet or smartphone, you will be able to share your screen with audiences in the conference room through Mac, Windows, Chrome, OS, Linux and Android devices. Custom Highfive URLs are shared by the organizers and can be sent to attendees who can join a meeting at any time.

Highfive also offers hardware components that can be bought separately through their website. To complete your setup you might need to purchase items like wide angle HD cameras, microphones and high fidelity mics. For even better audio quality you can pair up with the Dolby Conference Phone which comes fully set up for instant integration with the Highfive software. Dynamic leveling technology and a 360 degree audio capture gives crystal clear sound throughout the room. The Dolby Phone also allows you to control the meeting without having to use any other device.

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