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Key Features

  • Comprehensive Payment Processing
  • Business Management Solutions
  • Employee Management
  • Point-of-Sale & Inventory Management
  • Customer Loyalty Programs


With Beyond, you will be given the choice to decide on the length of the contract, and you will have the ability to work on a day to day or annual basis. Prices are fair and within industry norms, and there are no hidden fees, bill-backs or arbitrary cost increases. Beyond does not advertise their pricing structure online as their policy is that no two businesses are alike. They will give you a quote depending on the type and size of your business. There are no cancellation fees if you should decide to terminate their services.

Things To Note

Ultimately, Beyond offer a quality service for all business types. Their payment processing service gives you access to the latest technology and security, with transparent billing and fully disclosed charges. Beyond also offer 24/7 customer support through their US based, dedicated services centers. Through Beyond, you will be able to accept all types of payments with industry leading fraud detection and prevention in place, for your protection. With customizable product integrations and solutions you can build the perfect business management solution which will help you run your day to day operations safely and efficiently.

In A Nutshell

If you are looking for an online management solution that allows you to add on apps as required for your type of business, Beyond is the perfect solution. There policy of working with each individual to customize their management tools according to the type and size of the business, will ensure that you receive all the necessary features to run your business easily and efficiently. Beyond offers 24/7 customer support through their US based customer service centers. From comprehensive Payment Processing, to POS systems, Employee Management, Customer loyalty program and Accounting packages, Beyond can provide you with the ultimate solution for your business.

Beyond Best Features

Payment Processing

Payment Processing is Beyond’s primary service. The ability to swipe, tap or insert all types of cards, allows you to accept all forms of payments. Beyond offers secure terminals and electronic payments, using the latest encrypted technology that is currently available. Their fast processing of payments could have you receiving deposits in your bank account within a day. Their Omni-channel solutions also offer secure payments for all e-Commerce merchants. You will have the capability of accepting payments on any mobile device from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Virtual terminal solutions are provided for you to manage credit card and ACH payments, securely and efficiently. Getting paid through Beyond’s payment processing platform, is comprehensive and includes e-checks and all types of cards.

Business Management Solutions

Business Management Solutions are offered through Beyond’s suite of products and solutions. These include Human Capital Management solutions, Corporate Payment Technology, Mobile and e-Commerce online payments. Beyond caters for all types of businesses even non-profit organizations. They offer fundraising software and solutions that can run any event easily allowing you to accept donations instantly.

 Point of Sale Systems

Point of Sale Systems for all types of retail businesses including Restaurant Management Solutions and Lodging and Hospitality POS systems, can be integrated and customized to suit your type of business.  You can increase profitability with a suite of POS and ERP systems that are designed for a wide variety of industries. A complete Point-of-Sales and Inventory Management system can be integrated through over the counter parts. Detailed end of day reporting, sales trends, profitability, accounting and CRM integration are all offered with Beyond’s integrated partners.

Dealership Management Systems

Dealership Management Systems offer a comprehensive reporting suite which will help you analyze and consolidate all your data. This suite will keep your team organized and streamline your day to day operations. Accounting is made easy with the integration of Beyond’s partners. This will streamline your business and save you a lot of time and effort. This system will offer you in depth reporting on all aspects of your business. Account modules include sales and purchase orders, invoices, receipts, financial reporting and general accounting functions. Streamline document creation and have all your data on hand at any time. Business management solutions are there to control your costs and optimize efficiency. Every detail is taken care of, including Management reporting, customer billing, sales history and workflow. For US merchants, it is easy to remain compliant with tax laws as calculations can be worked out automatically.

Employee Management

This is another addition that will take care of all your employee’s data. Powered by Onboarding Build, you will be able to track and manage time sheets, labor scheduling, Tax Compliance and Payroll. Time sheet and labor costs are automatically worked out and you can customize settings and formats to suit your business needs. Beyond offers a cloud based human resources system which is easy to use and powerful enough to manage your employee’s entire cycle. This is a scalable solution that can grow with your business. Pay your employees on time and manage in-depth analytics and reports, all from one source.

Customer loyalty programs

Keep track of your loyal customers through this integrated program. Customer loyalty programs can be put into place in order to schedule appointments, and generate automatic emails and messages. Keep all your customers data on hand so that you can refer to them when repeat purchases are made. Reward your regular customers with marketing incentives and special offers.


Beyond also offer loans to qualifying merchants who need capital. If you are a startup company or need capital for expansion, or if you are refinancing an existing business, you can take advantage of this offer. Fill in the application for a fast and fairly priced loan, that has reasonable repayment plans, at highly competitive interest rates. Arrangements are made to pay back the loan directly through cash flow, when you process card payments. Both conventional and small business administrative loans are available. For more information, contact the dedicated customer service team which is available 24/7.

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