Gulf Management Systems Review, Features & Pricing [2020]

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  • eCommerce
  • Mobile Payments
  • Full Scalability

Key Features

  • Personalized services
  • Technology enabled card services
  • E-Commerce
  • Direct deposit services
  • Customized solutions
  • 25 years’ experience
  • Competitive rates
  • ACH processing
  • Quick deposits
  • Multiple integrations
  • Superior customer service


Gulf Management Systems do not advertise their rates online. To get a price you will have to ask for a quotation through their website. All prices quoted are customized for your type of business and worked out on the volume of transactions that you have. From online reviews it is indicated that their rates are very competitive and their ACH processing fees and eCheck solutions accept payments directly from your client’s bank account thus reducing the charges up to 80%, when compared to credit card processing. Next day deposits are also promised as well as minimized credit and debit card processing rates. Gulf Management Solutions promise the lowest rates available.

Things To Note

Gulf Management Systems have been servicing small and medium sized business in the United States for over 25 years. They integrate with most POS software and hardware as well as e-Commerce shopping carts and mobile solutions. They serve all industries including those that are considered high risk. All types of on-going and scheduled repeat transactions are processed effortlessly including memberships, in store retail and restaurant transactions and online e-Commerce platforms. Simplified payment processing, with guidance to optimize this service, are offered from Gulf Management Systems with the help of their expert consultants. They also partner with many software providers to offer your business the best operational and administrative management solutions. Gulf Management Solutions offer superior customer service to all US based merchants and each account has a dedicated coach that will support you in setting up your account and provide you with training to make the most of their payment processing solutions.

In A Nutshell

For all your payment processing needs, Gulf Management Solutions cover all types of payments through secure channels which are PCI compliant. Security breaches are minimized and they offer peace of mind to all their customers by using the latest in security technology. Their credit card processing integrates with most point of sale software and they also offer remote deposit capture which will enable you to deposit checks without physically taking them to the bank. This is accomplished by scanning the check and transmitting the image directly to your bank. You will also be able to adapt your office computer into payment processing stations and not need to purchase expensive hardware to do this job. This is ideal for businesses that process multiple checks.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Gulf Management Solutions is a payment gateway that allows your business to integrate their system into your current software and website. They generate an API Key that connects your software to their payment processing system. For e-Commerce websites, they offer the lowest rates available so you can accept payments online. They connect too many shopping cart systems like BigCommerce and Open Cart through popular gateways which include and First Data. You can also accept online payments in the form of GMS through your website and this integration is ideal for businesses that accept invoice payments via credit card and ACH. You will be able to accept recurring payments through their electronic funds transfer solutions which is ideal for businesses with memberships or others that have recurring payments. Gulf Management offer payroll and contractor payouts through their direct deposit services that are easily uploaded and processed through their file upload portal. Their VIP payment program is an emergency care system which will give your clients up to 180 days to pay for your services without a credit check.

Gulf Management Solutions have a lot to offer when it comes to payment processing and they have all possibilities covered. They offer Automated Clearing House, ACH/eCheck payment processing, accept credit and debit cards, mobile payments, direct deposits, virtual terminals, e-Commerce solutions and much more. Mobile payment solutions are offered and you can process payments through an iPad, tablet, iPhone or any mobile device. The company offers expert advice to all their customers and assists them in finding the best scalable solution to suit their kind of business. This is done through integrations with most existing e-Commerce platforms and Point of Sale solutions.  You can also purchase a virtual terminal directly from their website or turn your office or home computer into a payment processing station with their software.

Direct deposits can be scheduled for recurring payment to your suppliers, employees and independent contractors. ACH payments are processed for direct deposit payroll, commission payouts and reimbursements. You can also integrate their payment processing software with payroll software for easy record keeping. They offer a robust Payment Platform utilizing API for ACH which will allow you to integrate a seamless payment platform which will give your customers the best options across the board. All this is offered through secure and powerful payment processing with an all in one management, reporting and payment processing system.

Gulf Management Systems have partnered with some of the most popular shopping cart software and gateways to facilitate seamless transactions. These include BigCommerce, OpenCart for e-Commerce and popular gateways like Plug’nPay, Authorize.Net and First Data. You can also integrate with their Gym Management software like Rhino Software and Moving and Storage Software, MoveitPro. Other partners include ZenPlanner, Ogiv and Paddock Pro and many more. Gulf management is well known for their unique customer service and they offer 24/7 customer support. Each client has a dedicated account manager which will offer installation and customization tips. The company has a 5* rating online and is popular in the US.

Gulf Management Systems Best Features

  • Personalized services – your own consultant to guide you
  • Technology enabled card services – payments from all types of cards
  • E-Commerce – integrates with most shopping card software
  • Direct deposit services – receive direct payments from customers
  • Customized solutions – payment services to suit your business
  • 25 years’ experience – GMS provides payment services since 1992
  • Competitive rates – best rates promised
  • ACH processing – accept payments directly from customers
  • Quick deposits – next day deposits into your bank account
  • Multiple integrations – point of sales software and hardware integration
  • Superior customer service – to US based merchants
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