PaySafe Review, Features & Pricing [2019]

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Key Features

  • Comprehensive payment processing
  • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Domestic and International processing
  • Mobile and table POS
  • Superior customer service
  • Fast funding
  • Serving a wide range of industries
  • Revenue management
  • Payment risk management
  • Scalable global solutions
  • Tablet POS system


Paysafe does not advertise their pricing on their website. In order to get a quote you would need to contact their sales team. The price will depend on you type of business and the volume of transactions that you handle.

Things To Note

Paysafe will help you streamline your payment processing with scalable global solutions that are easily integrated. They have partnered with popular sales organizations who resell their payment expertise to merchants across the US. Paysafe works exceptionally well with e-Commerce and their expertise will help your online shopping website grow across the globe. Secure and seamless transactions that support all major credit card schemes, will enable your customers to pay with over 100 currencies. With more than 20 years’ experience, Paysafe will help you manage chargebacks t and fraud prevention. A Smart Dispute system is in place to automate chargeback disputes so that you can meet your deadlines. Paysafe has an all in one point of sale system which connects to EMV and contact free terminals. With this POS system you will be able to purchase an integrated printer, scanner, cash drawer and a touchscreen tablet amongst other hardware.

In A Nutshell

Paysafe is a payment processing provider that offers and extensive suite of payment solutions including software, credit and debit cards, online payments and merchant accounts. Their solutions are popular worldwide and they have more than half a million sale points in over 40 countries that use their payment system. Paysafe provides instore solutions to help build businesses from the ground up. They accept all major card payments and integrate with new point of sale technologies. Paysafe offer standard and customized solutions to suit your type of business. Their tokenization solutions will ensure that credit card data is secure and the Risk Solution program will make sure your business is up to date with PCI compliancy. Paysafe has its own point of sale system that is specifically built for the American market. This multi-purpose integrated tablet system has intuitive display with many features that are designed to help you manage your business efficiently.

Let’s Dive Deeper

In April 2018, Paysafe acquired iPayment which is a US based payment processing provider for small to medium sized businesses. This was part of their investment strategy to expand their presence in America. At the same time they became the first adopter in the ISO environment to deploy Verifone Connect with Carbon and Engage devices for quick service restaurants and other businesses across the USA.

Paysafe can supply you with their Android tablet based POS system which is designed for small and medium sized businesses. This scalable solution will provide everything you need to accept payments in store or online. There is also a flexible in store financing system that you can utilize to help customers who prefer to pay by installments. This app is a scalable solution that will give you the tools to make quick decisions and assessments of your customers so that you do not lose a viable sale. Paysafe’s POS system is set up with an easy to use touchscreen tablet that you simply plug in. Features included are employee management, Inventory management, table assignments and payments, to mention a few. For restaurants there are optional kitchen printers that work through Ethernet or Bluetooth. Another app that is available is GOLO which will enable on demand delivery and pick up. Your customers will be able to pay through EMV chip, mag stripe, contactless and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay. Paysafe offers accelerated funding solutions so that you will have your funds deposited into your account within a day.

With scalable solutions Paysafe will help you grow and you will never need to look for another payment processing solution as the flexibility they offer is suitable for all industries and will work with whatever platform you are using. Paysafe is suitable for property management and education management sites as they offer crucial features for these industries. Highly experienced management teams are in place to offer dedicated support and training to all their clients. Whatever industry you are in there are leading industry partner portals that you can integrate with. This includes marketing and financing programs and cutting edge cloud technology. Comprehensive reports are available with the Paysafe point of sale system which offers everything you need to run a successful business.

Businesses like the Education system will need to be able to accept partial payments with the installation of the Pay Later solution. This installment program is suitable for many industries that deal with large amounts for purchases. With the automated currency conversions and competitive exchange rates you will be able to accept payments from any country. To maintain regulatory compliance, today’s education providers need to use GDPR and other data protection policies which Paysafe can provide. All information and transactions are gathered to form specialized reporting in all fields. Paysafe is a fully comprehensive payment processing solution that offers you all the tools you need to successfully run your business whatever industry you are in. Their experienced team is on hand to offer advice and pricing on request.

Paysafe best features

  • Comprehensive payment processing – covers all aspects of payment gateway
  • Omni-channel capabilities – suitable for in store or e-Commerce
  • Domestic and International processing – over 100 currencies supported
  • Mobile and table POS – integration with mobile and instore businesses
  • Superior customer service – in house experts on hand to advise you
  • Fast funding – next day deposits into your account
  • Serving a wide range of industries – from restaurants, educational services and retailers
  • Revenue management – full reporting capabilities
  • Payment risk management – fraud detection and secure environment
  • Scalable global solutions – grow your business with scalable solutions
  • Tablet POS system – Android system for point of sales software
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