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  • Fast processing time
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Key Features

  • Reasonable prices
  • Multi-channel support
  • Initial registered agent free
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free EIN / Tax ID
  • Express Shipping
  • Online Delivery
  • Speedy filing services
  • 24-hour order processing
  • Company alerts
  • Expert customer support


FileNow offers two basic packages. The Starter Package costs $49 and the Premium Package at $149. Both packages include a money back guarantee, free Registered Agent for a year, EIN/Tax ID, Express shipping and online delivery. Also included are company alerts, phone and email support, online order status, 24 hour order processing, electronic delivery and FedEx shipping with tracking. 

Add-on features free with the Premium Package include Company kit, binder and seal worth $99 and banking resolution worth $30. Second year renewal of Registered Agent Services cost $119 and you can purchase an Application for Authority for $149, Certificate of Good Standing $49, DBA $75 and Reservation of Name $50. FileNow offers a 100% refund of the Service Fee if an application is denied by the state due to error or negligence on their part. All the prices listed above refer exclusively to FileNow services and do not include state fees.

Things To Note

It is well worth noting that FileNow is so confident in their services that they offer a full refund of service fees if there are any errors in the applications forwarded for incorporation. FileNow advertises a straightforward and speedy approach to incorporation of a business entity.  The first step is to choose the type of company you want to register and provide the necessary information required. Once these forms are submitted experts in this field will review your information, ensure business name is available and make sure that there are no errors.

Once all the forms are verified FileNow will prepare all the documents required to register your business. On approval, the state will send your company documents to FileNow who in turn will inform you electronically and provide you with a hard copy if required. In some state you might have to publish a Notice of Intent. This has to be done before you form an LLC and you will have to publish a notice of intent over a period of time and submit an affidavit of publication to the filing office of the LLC. Once this is done you will have to apply for licenses, federal document and zoning permits required for your business to operate legally in your state.

In A Nutshell

FileNow provides in depth information on how to incorporate and manage a registered company. All the registration requirements for each state are clearly stated and their expert customer services will guide you through the process from start to finish. Free online tools will assess your needs and help you choose the best options for your business. Cost effective packages include an impressive amount of features that will save you time and money.

This includes a free EIN, first year Registered Agent services, and quick filing process. With FileNow you can expect electronic delivery and timely tracking of order status. Customer support is offered through email, chat and phone. FileNow will help you every step of the way by offering expert advice on the legalities of registering your company and submitting the required documents relative to each state.

Let’s Dive Deeper

FileNow offers a straightforward service with fast and simple order processing, helpful information, dependable services and transparent pricing which include useful free features. Simple and affordable pricing with no hidden fees offer free shipping and a money back guarantee. For those who need guidance on what entity they need for their business, an online questionnaire is available to help you make the best decision for your circumstances. Fees and requirements are different in each state and FileNow allows you to choose your state and address to bring up the relevant information and paperwork for each state. Useful online guides will guide you through the pros and cons of the different entities breaking down the possible tax savings and legal liabilities for both LLC’s and Corporations.

Registering a new company always starts out with the choice of a name. When registering an LLC, all names must end with LLC and must comply with the regulations applicable in each state. The name you choose must be unique and not violate any existing business trademark. FileNow will guide you through the process of registering a name for your company by doing a name search to ensure that the name you choose is available. It a good idea to Apply for reservation of a name in advance, if you delay in forming your company. This also includes your domain name if you want it to be the same. The Registered Agent will provide you with their address in order to receive official legal and tax notifications on your behalf. This must be a physical address. Registered Agent services include receiving and notifying you of any documents received as well as submitting annual reports and other necessary documentation in order to keep your business compliant with state laws.

Amongst the free services provided by FileNow, the free EIN and first year registered agent are a huge draw. Their core service fee is only $49 plus state fees and also includes expert support, money back guarantee and unlimited phone and email support. This is real value for money and FileNow is committed to simplifying the company formation process by handling all the incorporation requirements on your behalf. They offer one of the fastest processing times in the industry with express shipping and electronic delivery. Their services are totally risk free with clear upfront pricing and no hidden fees.

FileNow Best Features

  • Reasonable prices – only $49
  • Initial registered agent free – one year no charge
  • Money-back guarantee – full refund on service fee
  • Free EIN / Tax ID – included in core package
  • Express Shipping – speedy turnaround
  • Online Delivery – all documents available online
  • Speedy filing services – processed within 24 hrs.
  • Company alerts – stay compliant
  • Expert customer support – top notch service
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