Deluxe Payroll Service Review, Features & Pricing [2022]

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  • Staff Management
  • HR and Recruiting
  • Calculate Taxes
  • Chat Support

Key Features

  • Customizable Pay Grid
  • Electronic submissions
  • Compliancy with regulations
  • Avoid fines and penalties
  • Automated payroll
  • Direct Deposit
  • Over 200 reports
  • Easy Dashboard
  • Dedicated Customer Service


Deluxe Payroll can cover companies with up to 1000 employees. Their pricing structure is per employee. You will pay $3.73 per employee per pay period for 1 – 10 employees. For 11 – 50 employees you can expect to pay $1.97 per employee per pay period, for 51 – 100 employees $1.75 per employee and for 100 plus employees the price drops down to $1.57 per employee per pay period. Regarding the features offered you will have to get a specific quote from one of their payroll specialists. Deluxe also have special offers from time to time. With any subscription you are promised unlimited support and superior customer service.

Things To Note

Payroll management is a very important duty of any business. Accurate payments on time and the filing of taxes according to state and federal regulations is essential for any business. This job can be time consuming if you do not have a reputable payroll provider to work out all the ins and outs that come with this side of your business. Deluxe offers full payroll management services that will calculate your employee’s earnings while withholding taxes and other deductions. You can customize detailed payroll reports according to your specific needs. All payments are made accurately and on time to the appropriate agencies. Deluxe will keep you informed of all new local, state and federal laws, keeping you compliant at all times. Automated payments and returns are submitted electronically to meet deadlines. This way penalties and fines are avoided.

In A Nutshell

Deluxe offers a comprehensive all in one service for payroll solutions. You can submit your payroll by phone, fax or online. MyPayCenter is the online version of payroll which gives you the flexibility to submit your payments in one convenient flexible online option. All you need to do is enter your employee’s hours, earning, leave, tips and other payment information into the easy to use grid. Deluxe will then use this information to work out the exact payment your employee should get while withholding any deductions that need to be paid. Online reports can be accessed by employees and management at any time, with your permission.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Tax Filing & Compliance Services are kept current and you do not have to worry about fines and penalties being issued for non-compliance. Deluxe have tax filing professionals that will ensure that your taxes are paid in accordance with jurisdiction requirements and tax laws. Tax savings and incentives are applied to help you save money and deductions are made as the liabilities occur. Deluxe Payroll will notify you with each payroll, if there are federal taxes that need to be paid to the IRS, as well as send you electronic confirmation assigned to your 942 federal payment.

Deluxe Payroll has dedicated customer service representatives that are trained to support you and your business. You can reach them by phone or email at any time. Once you have submitted all the figures required, your payroll will be executed the next day. You will have to access MyPayce to sign up for delivery of payroll reports online. For your accounts, your CPA or accountant can have access to your payroll records whenever needed. Reports will show all wages, taxes and deductions that are current as well as year to date figures. You can customize these reports to show each department under different categories. This will show you employee expenses per department and keep you up to date with leave pays, overtime and other deductions relevant to each employee. The Payroll summary indicates the amount you will need to pay all your employees and how much your federal and state taxes will be for each payroll.

The Expense Allocation report is a great management tool for business owners as it shows the cost of each employee and how it impacts your business. Keep track of leave pay with the dollar value associated with this leave clearly worked out. Deferred compensation reports are available if you offer a 401(K) or other deferred compensation retirement options. With restaurants, Deluxe Payroll will let you know if employee wages do not cover taxes and also calculate reported tips. Deluxe Payroll offers security and everything you need to work out your payroll. Deluxe Payroll services include payroll services and HR solutions and the cost is very competitive. They have a long and stable history and reputation, and are highly rated online.

When it comes to paying your employees, payroll is automatically run and you can decide whether you want payments to run by direct debit or issue checks for each employee. Reconciling you bank account can be done as the checks are cashed. With over 4 million subscribers, Deluxe Payroll is a reliable solution for all your payroll and HR needs. It is also good to know that with Deluxe Payroll the highest security protocols are in place to keep your data safe.

Deluxe Payroll Best Features

  • Customizable Pay Grid – submit all you numbers for accuracy
  • Electronic submissions – all payments done over the internet
  • Compliancy with regulations – never pay a fine for non-compliance
  • Automated payroll – pay employees by direct debit
  • Over 200 reports – customize reports
  • Easy Dashboard – easy to navigate interface
  • Dedicated Customer Service – available 24/7 for all queries
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