Intuit Quickbooks Payroll Service Review, Features & Pricing [2022]

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  • Time and Attendance
  • Online Setup
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Small business

Key Features

  • Automatic direct payments
  • Sync data
  • Calculate taxes
  • Mobile app
  • Customize deductions
  • Employee portal
  • Penalty free guarantee
  • Set up assistance
  • One step accounting


QuickBooks offers an integrated suite of products with 4 payment plans. The Self Service Payroll which costs $17.50 per month plus $4 per employee, offers 24 hour direct deposit, calculation of pay checks and year end filing forms. The second option is the Full Self Service Payroll which also includes the no penalty guarantee. With their 100% Penalty Free Guarantee, QuickBooks will pay any penalties and deal with the IRS on your behalf.

The third option is the Self Service Payroll with QuickBooks which costs $27 per month plus $4 per employee. This option will also give you QuickBooks for all your accounting needs. For the ultimate package, you can choose the Self Service Payroll with QuickBooks Plus which is a comprehensive accounting package with all the features needed to manage bills, payroll and taxes. This costs $47 per month and $4 per employee. A 30 day free trial is also available. QuickBooks Online is built by Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, so security and integrations are easily applied.

Things To Note

QuickBooks is one of the top full service payroll systems. They offer a 100% Penalty Free Guarantee that they will submit tax payments on time as well as pay any tax penalties or fees, if they do not deliver on their promise. US-based, payroll experts will help you set up your payroll and import data from an existing accounting package when necessary.

All you need to do is enter the hours of up to 50 employees and QuickBooks will automatically calculate their salary as well as all necessary taxes. Employees will be able to view their pay checks online. The ideal solution would be to use the QuickBooks accounting software together with their Payroll Services for a one step accounting package, payroll and accounting data syncs and updates automatically. Pay both your W-2 employees and 1099 contractors instantly according to your schedule with automatic deductions of all federal and state taxes.

In A Nutshell

QuickBooks from Intuit is an online Payroll Tax software that gives you the capability of controlling your employee’s records and payments easily and accurately. QuickBooks updates automatically with the latest federal and local tax rates so that you are always up to date. You will be able to pay and file payroll taxes online, directly from QuickBooks. Choose how you want to pay your employees and program the software to work according to your schedule. Workers will get paid by direct deposit when you run payroll.

Let’s Dive Deeper

With QuickBooks, you can stay accountant ready because the Payroll and accounting data is automatically synced. Quick and comprehensive reports allow you to share accurate data with your accountant at any time. Their fast 24-hour direct deposit of employee salaries allows you to keep in schedule, reliably and efficiently. Peace of mind is possible with the automatic updating of federal and state taxes which are always current. If you already have QuickBooks as your accounting package it is easy to add Payroll, all you need to do is sign into your account and add the Payroll app. QuickBooks Payroll gives you the tools to manage employee hours and deductions while staying compliant.

Time tracking is fast and accurate for employees and contractors with TSheets plus QuickBooks Payroll which automatically tracks time worked by each worker. Additional features include Workers’ compensation payments, labor law posters, and 1099 contractor forms and services. TSheets offer accurate time tracking and automatically work out the compensation for your employees per hour. You will also save time with the integrated payroll workers compensation solution which runs directly from the QuickBooks Payroll. The Labour law poster subscription service will help you stay compliant with mandatory labor laws which cover federal and state requirements. 1099 contractor forms and services are provided by creating an e-file form that you can email or print for workers with pay per use pricing.

QuickBooks also offers comprehensive accounting which takes you to trial balance and balance sheet. All your transactions will be entered once and automatically assigned to categories that you set up. In-depth reporting and analytics are available in real time to keep you up to date. Instantly see how your business and cash flow are performing with profit and loss reports, as financial reports are available at the click of a button. You can also remain tax compliant by linking receipts directly to expenses from your phone which will keep your tax ready. QuickBooks offers invoicing, tracking expenses and reporting directly from your tablet and phone through their mobile app. You can also pay your workers at the touch of a button.

QuickBooks has a built-in tutorial that will guide you through all the steps needed to keep abreast of your accounting and payroll. You will also be able to connect with your accountant directly through QuickBooks online. Customer service is available through phone, email or chat if you have any questions.

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