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  • Time and Attendance
  • Staff Management
  • HR and Recruiting
  • Bonus Payrolls

Key Features

  • Human resources management
  • Time Clock Software
  • Payroll and tax compliance
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Real time dashboard
  • Customizable payment plan
  • Learning Management
  • Time off Dashboard
  • Safety Measures
  • Web based
  • Customer support


  • Basic Payroll: Includes full-service payroll, tax calculation and filing, employee self-service features, and PDF reporting. The Basic Payroll plan starts at $99 per month for up to 10 employees.
  • Essential Payroll: Includes all Basic features as well as garnishment and child support self-service, HR templates, and advanced analytics. The Essential Payroll plan starts at $149 per month for up to 10 employees.
  • Complete Payroll: Includes all Basic and Essential features as well as one-on-one support from a certified PR professional, new hire onboarding and tax filing, and integration with 401(k) and accounting software applications. The Complete Payroll plan starts at $199 per month for up to 10 employees.

Things To Note

Employees can access important information from their mobile phones, through Paycor’s mobile app. For customization of forms and templates you can access a complete knowledge base of HR resources or contact Paycor HR professionals for help. A powerful analytical platform and customized reports help with making real time business decisions.

Payroll accuracy reports can be printed or exported to your accounting program. Proactive alerts instantly notify you if there are any discrepancies in compliance issues. Managing time off and overtime expenses by each department or manager is possible. Built in scheduling tools controls costs and labor requirements. With Paycor’s Time and Attendance solution you can fully integrate the time clock with your payroll system so there is no need for duplication of data. New hires will transfer instantly from the onboarding process and automatically sync with payroll.

In A Nutshell

Automated time keeping processes are kept accurate through the Paycor Time and Attendance software. A unified platform eliminates errors from Time & Attendance, Payroll and HR. There are multiple time-entry methods that allow employees to manage their time and schedules in order to improve productivity.

Employees can access their information, keep track of their hours and access payment information from their mobile phones. Employees can be paid by direct debit, check or by integrated Paycard providers. Paycor offers useful HR services including the recruitment of skilled workers. Accurate record keeping of payroll information is required for labor and tax compliance laws.

Let’s Dive Deeper

When it comes to wage garnishes, Paycor solutions make it easy to keep track with accurate payments and deductions. Whether it is by integration with 401K providers or e-Child support, once set, the correct deductions will be made for all employees, during each payroll. This reduces manual work and ensures compliancy. Workers Compensation premiums relevant taxes are automatically calculated and deducted according to state laws.

Paycor has a Time and Attendance solution that allows you to monitor and control your labor costs and the efficiency of your employees. The time keeping process is automated and accurate with the use of the Time ROI Calculator. The Time off Dashboard keeps track of overtime worked and vacation requests as well as paid, and unpaid leave. With all these tools in place it is easy to predict labor costs and make sure that you are in compliance with the Department of Labor. Possible Department of Labor violations include ACA, FLSA, IRS, unions, EEOC and OSHA.

Assign shifts and publish schedules through the intuitive dashboard. Automated SMS and email notify staff of recent scheduling information. Paycor’s mobile application allows quick and easy management while on the move. You will be able to organize teams, communicate information and get real time responses. The intelligent work schedule maker will eliminate overstaffing and allow you to allocate shifts in seconds.

Paycor’s Applicant Tracking System was designed by recruiting professionals for HR hiring teams. With the Onboarding software, which is a simple and informative recruiting platform, you will make better choices on new hires. The Onboarding solution will let you engage with employees before they even start work. Finding the right candidates could be through job boards or employee referrals. Learn how to respond and improve your acceptance rates with easy to use scoring and automatic feedback. The online platform makes it easy for new hires to learn about your organization and the compliance forms are available online for them to fill out. New hires should view important company documents and sign them before they start work. Never miss opportunities to receive Work Opportunity Tax Credits when you hire. Each credit can mean a $9,600 savings to your business.

Keep your employees informed of modular, self-paced training as well as professional courses that are available online. Training programs can be organized by groups, teams or departments. The learning management system will help you schedule and track training sessions. Paycor’s reporting and Analytics tools allows you to summarize data, with easily accessible reports, all in one place. Everything you need to know, is right at your fingertips, with the reports you can create, customize and share in seconds. You can schedule reports at the times you choose.

Paycor Best Features

  • Human resources management – from onboarding, screening and compliance
  • Time Clock Software – instantly relays time worked to payroll
  • Payroll and tax compliance – keep up to date with all taxes payable
  • Reporting and analytics – make educated business decisions
  • Real time dashboard – all information at your fingertips
  • Customizable payment plan – depends on size and type of business
  • Learning Management – knowledgebase and tutorials online
  • Time off Dashboard – manage time off and vacation requests
  • Safety Measures –database level encryption to protect info
  • Web based – devices supported Windows and Mac
  • Customer support – via email or telephone
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