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  • Fast processing time
  • Online Setup
  • Chat Support
  • eCommerce

Key Features

Key Features

  • Superior payment technology
  • Omni integrated platform
  • Omni Analytics
  • Flat fee processing
  • Same-day funding
  • Virtual and physical terminals
  • Developer API tools
  • E-Commerce support
  • Shopping cart templates
  • Excellent customer support
  • Suitable for all industries


Fattmerchant offers a subscription pricing model. Interchange and assessment fees are charged at cost and a monthly fee plus per transaction fees are added. There is no extra charge for PCI compliance, statements, batches or IRS fees. There are two pricing plans. The standard plan for businesses processing up to $500,000 annually, starts at $99 per month + 8¢ per transaction & direct cost. For businesses processing over $500,000 annually, there is a plan start at $199 per month + 6¢ per transaction & direct cost.

For enterprise companies or larger businesses which process over $5,000,000 per annum, you will have to contact Fattmerchant for a custom package and quote.  Plans are split into categories which include terminals, e-Commerce, mobile integrations and API. Direct bank to bank payments can be made through Fattmerchant for a flat fee of $0.25 per transaction or $1.50 if you want the transaction expedited. The standard merchant agreement offered is three years, with automatic renewal for two years. You can also opt for a terminal protection plan and purchase hardware which include payment terminals, receipt printers, mobile readers and more.

Things To Note

Fattmerchant offers all the popular payment methods which include point of sale processing, e-Commerce shopping carts, virtual terminal processing for phone orders, and mobile processing for on the go businesses. The company also guarantees next day funding and you can accept all major credit and debit cards. The Omni dashboard allows easy access to advanced reports and analytics which are important for making strategic business decisions. Mobile access provides instant access to information from anywhere and you can manage multiple locations on the go.

Fattmerchant integrates with countertop terminals that can be customized according to your needs. Swipe card readers with insertion or tap facilities accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, over and above universally accepted cards. The Omni platform also enables ACH transfers and PCI compliance and provide comprehensive analytics. Fattmerchant ensures security through Level 1 PCI data protection with encrypted card readers to ensure safe transactions. Keyed transaction with electronic invoicing is done using the Omni virtual terminal that processes recurring and one time payments.

In A Nutshell

For those seeking reasonably priced payment processing that integrates with all aspects of their business, while providing easy access to reports and analytics, Fattmerchant is a great choice. One login will give you access to data and reports from any device at any time or place. Real time reporting, through Omni’s company overview report, give insight into how your business is running and allows you to make the best strategic decisions. Omni is a fully integrated platform that connects all of your payment solutions in one place.

The ability to sync your data with a growing list of business tools like QuickBooks Online offers an all in one platform for easy use. This two-way integration automatically updates your customers, payments, and invoices across both apps, eliminating the need for any manual reconciliation. Fattmerchant offers access to a knowledge base and direct access to their award winning support team via chat.

Let’s Dive Deeper

Fattmerchant offers solutions for all types of payment processing. Point of sale for in store payments are supported by countertop card terminals which include EMV capability. Hardware can be purchased from Fattmerchant if required or reprogramming of existing equipment can be done at no additional cost. E-Commerce is fully supported and you can accept card payments online through Authorize.Net. Customizable forms, coupons, recurring bills for subscriptions and other services are some of the features available through the Fattmerchant gateway. Businesses that accept payments by mail or phone are serviced through the virtual terminal offered which is NPC secure. This is purely an online system that requires no software installation and is compatible with QuickBooks for easy data management.

In today’s world, mobile processing is essential and Fattmerchant offers quick payment processing for separate locations and on the go transactions. The NPC mobile card reader can be attached to most mobile devices in any location with internet services. Both Android and iPhone operating systems are supported and you can program the devices to accept tips, issue returns, apply discounts, process refunds and view reports. Mobile applications are secure with encryption technology, in accordance with PCI standards. Mobile transactions are a necessity for businesses such as caterers, electrical and plumbing technicians, tradeshows and all types of on the road payment processing.

Banking is easy and you can manage your deposits online, in real time. The Omni dashboard allows you to download and print processing statements and access data and reporting through a single platform. One feature that is very useful is the Heatmap which is run through the Omni channel. This allows you to view sale trends in order to track your busiest time, most popular items and all the information you need to make wise stock purchases and decide on promotions. Inventory management is possible through Omni Mobile and you can easily add products and receive low stock alerts when necessary. The Omni dashboard also offers a Monitor with ID card that will help you keep track of your customer’s activity. Fattmerchant is committed to offering a fully comprehensive business management and payment processing product that is aimed at giving you a real time view on how your business is performing while managing your on site, virtual and mobile payments.

Fattmerchant Best Features

  • Superior payment technology – online, in store and mobile
  • Omni integrated platform – all information in one location
  • Omni Analytics – in depth reports  
  • Flat fee processing – no hidden costs
  • Same-day funding – immediate availability of funds
  • Virtual and physical terminals – receive all types of payments
  • Developer API tools – online templates and guides
  • E-Commerce support – connect to shopping cart
  • Excellent customer support – online and by phone
  • Suitable for all industries – available to all businesses
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