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Gusto: Simplifying The Payroll Process For SMBs, And Beyond

Did you know that small business owners spend an estimated five hours per pay run on facilitating payroll activities? This adds up to a staggering 21 days annually – which could have been significantly reduced when the correct platform was chosen to facilitate these actions. Payroll usually includes costs such as salaries, wages, freelancer payments, bonuses, and benefits, as well...

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5 Top Payroll Frustrations for SMBs

5 Top Frustrations SMBs Experience With Payroll According to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), 70% of small business owners feel payroll taxes are a significant to moderate burden, while 77% report income taxes as an additional burden. Added to this, about 54% of businesses think their payroll processes can be improved in some way. Here...

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Gusto: A Payroll Software Turned ‘People Platform’?

Gusto Payroll Service launched in 2012 as a standard payroll service. As they’ve grown and expanded their services through their own systems, as well as through program partnerships, they’ve become much more. They’re now one of the leading payroll software services in the US, processing billions of dollars of payroll each year, and providing a full-service system for you and...

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How Can the Best Payroll Software add Value to Your Company?

Gone are the days of using a calculator and signing an employee’s paychecks. Working in Finances or human resources, you need to track employees’ hours, wages, and deductions. This is just the basic information that is needed for payroll. When you have multiple employees, this becomes harder to track manually, and adding the best payroll software to your company can...

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Top tips on how to manage your business correctly!

Comparisun can show you how to manage your business correctly and how to choose the tools that will best serve your business model. Managing your business means more than having a great idea, it means having the skills and infrastructure to help you build a winning business. Administrative tasks are often the biggest challenge when running a successful business, and...

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